GRIP Pipeline not going into Limelight

We have two main problems concerning the lime Light (version 2). Our Pipeline is already working for the Limelight standard type. However when trying to change it to grip. The website changes it back to Limelight standard right away. The second problem is that we can not generate limelight code in grip. Only java, python, and c++.

You will need to use the version of grip located on the limelight downloads page.

Once you export the .ll file from grip, upload it to your limelight before changing the pipeline type:

We tried but it will not let us export the .ll file and the only options are java, c++, and python.

If it doesn’t have a “Limelight” option, you’re not running the Limelight custom version of GRIP, which can be downloaded here: Downloads – Limelight for FRC

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