Grip Tape

Does this disqualify the use of grip tape on ramps of some kind to help with traction? The tape would not come into contact with the carpet so none of those rules for sandpaper and adhesives touching the carpet would come into play.


How is the answer “yes”.

As much as I would like to use grip tape on our ramp, I don’t see how it fits any of the 4 definitions of legal use of tape.

Matt B.

The question asked was, “Does this disqualify the use of grip tape on ramps of some kind to help with traction?” – the response was “yes” – this would be illegal.


The tape is not legal for use, i believe you may have misread the original question.

Does this disqualify the use of grip tapes on ramps…?

I believe the question was…

So therefore, the answer is: “Yes”, it disqualifies it’s use for this purpose.

Sorry for the redundancy.

According to the rules yes it would seem to disallow the use of grip tape. However in certain situations usually at competitions I know my team has been allowed to use tapes as long as its not being used for its adhesive property. Specifically we’ve used tapes to cover over holes that could be dangerous for human hands and to coat wheels that had gotten too sticky. These had been approved by an inspector or okayed by him first though. It might be worth a Q&A if only because the intent of the rule isn’t to disallow things like grip tape. If they don’t allow it, there are lots of paint on things that can make a surface just like grip tape.

Are we talking grip tape like the kind on bicycle handles??
if so, then that is definately an adhesive backed tape and would not be allowed…

HOWEVER… :wink: Stuff such as drawer liner material have been legal in the past since it is not adhesive backed usually.


You just have to find a non-adhesive way to attach it to something.

I’m assuming you are trying to use this on a grabber of some kind.

You may want to test it’s stickyness in relation between the tubes.
The tubes are rather sticky and you may be grabbing onto them and never able to let go! Or… not that easily anyways.

This kind of material worked for large inflatable playground type balls of the past:

Re: The Yellow balls in 2004:

But I’m not sure how they would work on the tubes.

It’s worth a shot though.

Good Luck!

It was more for personal reference later down the road when we get to the point of looking at these things. It was for a ramp, so that instead of having a diamond plate surface to climb up, robots would have the grip tape to help them get up the surface.

I guess I will just have to look for different materials. This would have been an easy addition for any robot with a ramp, which is why I thought it merited asking. O well there’s always more than one way to skin a cat. :cool:

I would have to agree that grip tape would be against the rules. Something we thought about for ramp materials is carpet. Most teams are already designing robots for good traction on carpet so why introduce another material?

Why can’t I use epoxy to attach drawer liner to a ramp? This is not tape or any other adhesive-backed material, is it? A definition of “tape” so broad as to prohibit the use of any adhesive would make many glued wooden components illegal, too, I would think.

Taken to its logical conclusion, even fiberglass poltrusions would be outlawed, as they are glass fibers “taped” together with polyester resins.

It’s a question that needs to go to the formal Q&A forum.

Whoever allowed that shouldn’t have been an inspector, or they were not trained properly.

If the “tape” were something like roll roofing or heavy sandpaper (a rough surface) and an ‘external’ adhesive (or foam tape or velcro!) were used to attach this rough surface to the robot, it appears it would be legal. You might be bale to get away with traction tape (the kind used on stairs for safety) but that needs to be asked on Q&A.

I like the carpet idea.


I think we’re going with some antislip paint/epoxy coating from McMaster or somewhere. A little pricier than tape or drawer liner, but loads more durable and with better coverage. Plus it comes in lots of colors. (4)