GRIP Using Lifecam Issues (HSL Threshold needs a 3-channel input)

Error: HSL Threshold needs a 3-channel input

We are using the Lifecam with GRIP. We have set the Hue and look good on GRIP for publishing contour report. When publishing the Contour report we are getting the error HSL Threshold needs a 3-channel input. When we check the Outline Viewer client we see the contour report in network tables but no values for x/y coordinates. Has anyone run into this? Any feedback is extremely appreciated.

What version of GRIP are you using? A lot of people had a similar problem with v1.2, but it worked with v1.3-rc1.

We are still having this same issue. We are using the LifeCam HD3000 with Grip and we can not get Grip to load to the rio without errors.

First we got 3 input error just like in this thread:

but none of the fixes helped.

I get this error whenever my camera is not being detected. Here’s the stack trace in the GRIP UI.

Make sure that your camera is being detected – you can view the image GRIP is reading from your camera by clicking the eye next to the Image object. If no image is shown, that means your camera is not being read properly. Check if any other programs (Skype or any video chat program, or mjpeg-streamer if headless) recognizes the webcam. You can also try switching USB ports and then restarting GRIP.