GRIP Vision Targeting

I am the programmer for team 4983, and I have been working on getting vision processing to work for our team since last year. I seem to be having trouble just getting the GRIP software to pick up the reflection from our LED ring light.

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Included in the kickoff release of WPILib are some photos we took with a USB camera and LED ring. Also in the ZIP file is an example GRIP pipeline. I would compare the images you see and your pipeline to the sample images and pipeline.

This is what I have now. I screwed around with some of the connections, and it seemed to work.

These are the images…

I think something that will make the vision problem more manageable is to turn down the exposure setting on the camera. Your original image should look more like the samples - where the only thing that is not black is the retro reflective tape and maybe some direct light sources.

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