GRITS 2015

GRITS is going to happen in less than a month! Who else is excited?

It seems like we have 25 teams gearing up to compete at Walton High School on October 10th for one last shot at Recycle Rush. With Georgia powerhouses such as 1648, 2415, and 2974 joined by out-of-state visitor 3140, GRITS is shaping up to be quite an interesting competition.

The team list:
832 Oscar Roswell, GA
1002 The CircuitRunners Marietta, GA
1127 Lotus Robotics Alpharetta, GA
1261 Robo Lions Suwanee, GA
1311 Kell Robotics Kennesaw, GA
1648 G3 Robotics Atlanta, GA
1746 OTTO Cumming, GA
2415 WiredCats Atlanta, GA
2974 Walton Robotics Marietta, GA
3140 Flagship Robotics Knoxville, TN
3318 RoboDragons Lawrenceville, GA
3581 SumDroids LaGrange, GA
4112 Eaglebots Cumming, GA
4188 Columbus Space Program Columbus, GA
4189 4-H Robotics Jefferson, GA
4240 Troteks Albany, GA
4468 Fernbank LINKS Atlanta, GA
4730 Terminators Albany, GA
4910 East Cobb Robotics Marietta, GA
4941 RoboBibb Macon, GA
5293 The Metal Crusaders Duluth, GA
5536 Titan Alliance Albany, GA
5608 Lassiter Robotics Marietta, GA
Rookie 1 RoboPats Albany, GA
Rookie 2 Green Wave Dawson, GA

We at 4941 are looking forward to it, some big changes are currently being made to our robot!

Thanks for the compliment, but maybe we’ll start calling ourselves that after we win a few more events.

Our robot at GRITS will be almost completely different. It will either work or fail spectacularly. That’s for everyone to find out. I know the suspense is already killing me…

Wicked excited to get to ref my second GRITS. It was a challenging blast last year, and I’m ready for round 2!

1261 is excited to be returning to GRITS this year (especially after such a great competition at X-Bots in Albany this summer)! We’ll be helping out one of the rookie teams there and letting them get some competition experience using our 2015 practice robot which is always a great experience!

Huge shout out to Walton for being willing to host such a great event, we’re looking forward to helping you guys out! Watch for lots of volunteers coming your way! :slight_smile:

It should be a great event, I always love getting to see most of the Georgia teams in one place.

Mackenzie Glaser
Robo Lions 1261

We are looking to hosting it with the help of our many friends. Not the same size space as last year in the world congress center, but free parking and we let you bring your own food. The field will be on the basket ball court with seating for all. The pits will be in the Aux gym a short covered breeze walk away.

This event caught me by surprise, as it is only 3 or 4 miles from where I live. Looking forward to a visit, and not being on a team I can actually have some fun!:smiley:

Look forward to having you. We can find you a team or three…

what tha ???

So when did ? How did ??? You should come visit KR… ping me at [email protected]

Will there be a webcast? I won’t be able to come unfortunately.

I too won’t be able to make it; a webcast would be nice.

  • Sunny G.

No promises, but I’m looking into it. I’ll see if I can do better than last year.

The hero that we need.

  • Sunny G.

Team 2415 is looking forward to this event! Always good to see some Georgia friends. Hopefully we live up as a “powerhouse team”. We’re changing some things on the team to attempt to get there down the road. Thanks Walton for hosting such an event!

What (approximate) time on Saturday will the matches start?

Grit’s info packet attached. Scheduled match start time is 9:00 AM Sat. Long day, we are going to try to stay as close to the schedule as possible.



Thanks for the info packet, I wasn’t able to find it on the GAFIRST website.

They’ll begin around 9:00am

Here is the link for the webcast:

We’ll be starting just before 8:30am Eastern for opening ceremonies.

Hopefully we can also get a match schedule posted as soon as we get one tomorrow morning.