Grits 2019

The 2019 GRITS recently ended and with it came the last most Peachtree teams will play destination deep space. GRITS had the usual GRITS alliance system, 4 alliances each with 4 robots with no inter-picking among the top 4 ranked teams. Use this topic to discuss anything about this years GRITS. What teams surprised you? What alliances surprised you? Should this alliance method be used more often? And what was your favourite part of the event. Mine was the super cool trophies this year, automation direct really outdid themselves this year.

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First off, GRITS was super fun, as it usually is! The one day format I believe was super beneficial to Rookies to get their feet wet with FRC competitions and get a feel of the busy competition schedule when the real season comes around. Seeing familiar teams and friends is always a plus side before the build season sweeps us away for months and is a nice refresher to catch up with everyone!