Ground Stud

In the FIRST Power Distribution Diagram, there is a part labeled “Ground Stud” in box C8. We have no log of this in our inventory, and are in need of using it. Does any team have a picture of this or can explain to us what it looks like? Thank you very much for your time.

Team 992

This is what the ground stud looks like: courtesy of

It was supposed to be in the Terminal Supply Bag, in the Blue Box. They came from, They have a not for online ordering web site. The bolt size is 3/8 " Good luck, BTW finding a supplier with a picture is hard, glad some one was smart and looked in the first drawings.

Our team still hasn’t received the terminal bag, or the IR sensors and beacon LEDs (Grrr). We’re using a 1/4 x 20 bolt through a piece of lexan as a ground stud. I hope FIRST is a little understanding of the problems they have caused by not having critical parts shortages shipped to teams in 3 WEEKS. :rolleyes:

we still haven’t recieved our missing parts (terminal supply bag) we need a ground stud (insulator stud) is there a way that we can make a temperary one?


We’re using a 1/4 x 20 bolt through a piece of lexan as a ground stud

this as JUST posted and seems to aswer your question quite nicly i think

is it safe? we don’t want fry anything

as long as the bolt safly dosnt touch any metal other than ground wires, you should be fine

yeah our team did not recievec any ground stud, i took a piece of angle al and drilled a bunch of holes in it. the botom is electricly insulated from the chaises with a piece of lexan that was epoxyed to it (over the bolts). as long as you dont touch the frame, almost any handy piece of metal works great.

last year i had a fun experence with a home made ground bus, the bolts shorted to the frame and when the positive lead of the battry went floping around… big blue spark! dont do it

The ground stud is a required part of the electrical system. It may not be eliminated or substituted. The electrical system drawing must be followed unless you do not use the maxi block and 40 amp circuit breakers.

Might you ship with your subsititute and then put the real stud in at your first regional? This way, your robot can be approved by FIRST during practice day and you have a fully functional 'bot.

Hope you get your parts soon!

Any thing is OK as long as it is correct by the time your are inspected. Don’t forget that the stud is 3/8" so the terminals must be large enough to fit it when you change.