Group Collaboration Suites

Hi all!

I’m looking for a group collaboration suite for team 4269. In the past we’ve used Google Drive (Docs). We experienced issues with .gdoc file formats and the limitation of only using the Google Docs online platform. This was an issue when we did not have an internet connection. We’ve also tried to use Dropbox, but the limited storage space did not work for our needs.

We are considering using or Microsoft Sharepoint. However, both are overkills for a team of 24.

We would like to use something that is free and could run on a local server.

Thanks! -Jedi™

Trello is a great and free tool to use.

It works for any size team/project and I know of FRC teams who have used it with great success.

Thanks ksafin! I’ll run this by my team leader. TFTS!