grrr need help with my cmu cam

:confused: :ahh: THERES SOME THING WRONG every time i try to get my cmucam working it says something about an error with the cable or somthing
pleas help me :ahh: :confused:

awwwe come on i know some one knows

this sucks nobody knows

Let’s see. It’s a holiday (MLK day). There was only 10 minutes between your first post and you third. Your question is quite vague, and has very little detail. There are already dozens of posts related to CMU camera issues that, my guess is, you haven’t searched through yet. So, here is a couple suggestions.

  1. Be much more descriptive.
  2. SEARCH first.
  3. Be patient.

Users on CD love to help. They will point you in the right direction to look for your answer, but may not give you the answer directly. That way, you learn way more in the process.

Patients Grasshopper.

Is your problem in Labview or in Kevin Watson’s code?

What exactly is the error message?

What cable is the problem? Serial, COM, PWM…

We had a bad cable early on with our camera that gave an error message, and switching the cable out for another helped. Be patient and you’ll get help.

Patience is even more helpful :wink:

Other than that I agree, searching, being more descriptive and patient are all good.

I’m inclined to say this is LabVIEW, and if so, check your connection, the servos tend to throw them all off, also, make sure you’re not connected to the Robot Controller with the TTL adapter (that little circuit with a female PWM connector that goes on the four pins on the side of the RC) The camera can only utilize one of its two serial ports at a time.

Thanks for the catch!!
I work in the medical field and deal with patients all day long. Spell checker is great, it just can’t read my mind. I’ll correct my blunder as soon as I post this.

grrr. It won’t allow me to edit that post. Oh well.