GRT(192) Pen Pals

Hey Everyone!
I know that many teams have heard about our pen pal program but I also know that many haven’t. So I’m starting this thread to…I guess, recruit people. The program basically is a way for other teams to communicate with ours. This way, both teams benefit from learning about each other and what they do on a yearly basis as well as just making a friend. This year, the program turned out to be a success and we decided that we wanted to continue it. If you are interested, then email me or just reply back to this. I will email you once I figure out who you will be corresponding with. Thank you!

Anusha Thalapaneni
GRT Outreach Leader

Alright, to elaborate:

We started this during the build period and it worked. So basically, we email other teams, and our members continue writing to members of different teams. Then, at competition, we were able to meet those people who we talked to, and I just lost my train of thought. It’s not a dating service, it’s not really a pen pal thing, it’s more of a thing where we can meet new people (make new friends, however cheesy that sounds), and uh, meet more new people.

So for example, during the build period, we would comment on the status of the robot (i.e. oh we’re gonna start wiring Fri, or, we’re having issues w/our arm), or animation, etc. And then there were times when we (people from other teams and GRT people) would just talk about random things (i.e. weird fashion, college plans)

I guess I might as well mention some teams we’ve been corresponding with (and met at regionals/nats)… 1097 Jesuit, 695 Beachwood, 696 Clark Magnet, 647 Cyberwolves, 365 MOE. Other teams we’ve contacted are 294 Beach Cities and 245 Adams.

sorry for that being so long, but hopefully that clears some things up and explains a little bit more. (if you’re interested, you can contact us through PMs, AIM, email, or reply to this thread too) email: [email protected], [email protected]

hey. im kinda interested. only is this email or real envelope style mail. if its email, sure let me in. but if its the other kinda, no, sorry, im too lazy for that…

I guess I forgot to mention that it would be preferable to contact people through IM or email. I doubt people are willing to take the time to send letters in envelopes and pay $.37 to send each time.

Being Pen Pals with 192 is really cool, it has definitely been a worthwhile and fun experience for everyone on my team who participates - THANKS GRT!

This sounds great! I know that I have been doing a similar thing with a few other teams, unofficially, and I would love to get to know GRT more, or any other team, and team members. My e-mail is [email protected] and probably the more convenient way is to instant message my screen name is: korbin1011
or PM me…

Count me in =): AIM… TomatoWentSPLAT

Count me in too, I’m always willing to broaden my horizons. IM=goldensnubmonkey. Email= [email protected]

I’m in.
AIM = wolfhoundNH
MSN = [email protected]
ICQ = 272342530
yahoo! = [email protected]
Email = [email protected]

Sign me up :smiley:
email: Diobsidian at yahoo dot com
AIM Howl571

You can sign me up.

AIM: Lacrosser802
Yahoo: Lacrosser802
Email: [email protected]

You know, I bet you will get lots of good responds if you send a message out to the WRRF community list. Lots of bay area team members know each other already, and it could boost your network by quite a bit. I for one would be interested in e-mailing some of the memebrs on teams around here, that is if I am not too old for your program.

Just e-mail me through my member profile and I can reply with my real e-mail address.

edit Just a suggestion to the rest of you, it might not be too wise to post your e-mail address in its bare form on these forum. There might be bots out there looking for them. At least change them to XXXX at XXXX dot com. edit

Count me in too.
AIM: patriots656
EMAIL: [email protected]


hi, my name’s bernie and i’m a pen pal-aholic,
hi Anusha, hi Viv,
yeah, what about that texas team, they never talked to me :frowning:
must be the green, it must’ve intiminated them or something, it does that

ANYWAY, if someone as wacky as you guys wants a pen pal, count me in
even though i’m already in, but i do have more time to do stuff with

pen pals. pen pals are cool. i like pen pals. yeah new duble syllable formula
even though i think i already did that when i created “bernie trying to talk like Viv”
put more nonsequitor statements bellow.

Count me in!

AIM: fresh frolic
EMAIL: [email protected]

Count me in too!
AIM- Court1235678
e-mail- [email protected]

this does sound like a good idea. i tried doing this myself by meeting people on here and then trying to meet them at nationals. of course, starting only 5 days before nationals, i only ended up meeting one person :rolleyes: i would like to talk to people from other teams, i like making friends from FIRST. I met Dori from team 7 and we are really good friends.

ya meet a whol bunch of people at nationals and othe competetions and im like good friends with these people too now so this idea is relly good

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to thank everyone for their interest and compliments. Viv and I have slowly been contacting everyone. Sorry, if we have not contacted you yet but we will soon! Once again, thank you!

Anusha Thalapaneni

count me in on it!
AIM: fearlessxd0rk
email: [email protected]
msn: [email protected]
this seems really fun!