Gryffingear presents: Luna

Team 5012 Gryffingear is excited to present our entry into the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition, Luna.](**
Reveal video here!**

Some specs on Luna:


  • 6WD West Coast Drive.
  • 6" custom 3D printed wheels with Vex traction wheel treads.
  • 3 MiniCIMs per side through custom flatline packaged gearboxes.
  • 15.5 ft/sec
  • Turn-assist closed loop teleop control.


  • Sideswipe-inspired intake
  • Combination of 4" Fairlane flex-grip wheels and Andymark Maroon compliants feeding 2" yellow Fairlane urethane rollers
  • Powered by 775pros through a 16:1 reduction.
  • Virtual fourbar deployment
  • Handoff to lift/scoring claw


  • Custom 11.6:1 gearbox powered by up to four
    CIM-class motors. Minimum 150lb lifting force / Maximum 1000lb lifting force.
  • Ground to scoring position in less than 1.5s
  • Pneumatic pinch claw on a BAG motor-powered wrist joint for cube delivery.
  • 45" stowed height for low-scale clearance / 100" max reach.
  • Integrated climber hooks
  • Zero-actuator climber deployment linkage

Meet Luna at the San Diego, Las Vegas, and Aerospace Valley Regionals.

Gryffingear has spent the offseason moving into our new campus and leveling up our capabilities and skills as a team. None of this would be possible without the generous support of our sponsors:
*NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Cooler Master, Best Buy, Society of Women Engineers, Antelope Valley College, Pacific Coast Powder Coating, Vision Engineering, Antelope Valley Cancer Center, AVCPR Training, Inline Distributing Company, the Olivarez, Darbari, Martin, and Germita Families, and the Palmdale Aerospace Academy. *

Very cool Jeremy!
I really like the design of the lower intake, and the handoff seems like it should be really effective.

Let the team know, the Robowranglers send our best.
Good luck this season!


Really well-made video, and awesome robot!