GSCR GameTime Feedback

At the Georgia Southern Class Regional (GSCR), Georgia FIRST debuted a new entertainment format, called GameTime. Along with our traditional game announcers and emcees, we had a analyst and commentator duo, Annika & Jerry!
Our hope was the new additions to the team would provide more energy to the event by providing commentary between matches. This commentary included match analysis, discussion of topics related to FIRST, interviewing key figures in FIRST, and interviewing teams about an interesting topic of their choice.
We are looking for feedback so we can make GameTime even better for next year and for the week five Peachtree Regional. Either if you watched online or in person at the event your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please include if you were watching the stream or were at an event in your response.

I enjoyed gametime a lot. It made the event feel more ESPN like and professional. It also provided more interest in between matches. Personally, I especially enjoyed the additional praise we received after one of our matches.

GameTime was certainly a welcome addition to the usual regional festivities. It not only saw some great match analysis, but also highlighted some cool things teams do. It’s not often you hear about the things other teams do unless they win an award for it. GameTime allowed everyone in the regional to hear about the cool things teams were doing on the field and off the field. It would be great to have GameTime again at Peachtree.

I thought it was great. I was mostly around the scoring table so I watched it live.

I really liked GameTime! Having some in-between match commentary was great, and the interviews gave people a chance to share some interesting information with the rest of the people at the event!

Disclaimer: I may be biased because I was interviewed.