GTR 2008 regional on TV

Just a quick recap here on some media coverage for the 2008 GTR regional.

I am a camera operator in Toronto for Global news, we had a story on Global national and local at 5:30pm and 6:pm on Thursday and a VO on Friday at 6pm and all three days I was able to get it on the weather network, on Thursday I talked to team 1312 and 781 about how the snow and closed roads this winter affected thier build season and on Friday and saturday earth hour came into play and I did a who bunch of clips on that and as I was doing a clip with a member or team 188 Canadian astronaut Dave Willams walked by and I got a nice exclusive clip with him. I also saw CTV and CBC there on the Friday.

I was able to save a fair bit of the B-Roll and in a few days I will post a link to the .avi files, since they are broadcast grade the files are huge so it will take awhile, unless I downcovert them somehow. Not specific matches or anything just various shots from everything that was going on there including the fans in the stands, the pits, the field etc, a little bit of everything that we would shoot for the news.

here is one link to the fans dancing in the stands.


and her is one more link from the fun side of the GTR regionals.

and now I will get to work uploading all that other b-roll later this week and hopefully post links later.