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I have just been sent this link and I think many would like to watch

Hey Steve,

Do you know if there is any chance Discovery will give us a copy of the footage so that we can get GTR up on TBA and SOAP?? I don’t think anyone else recorded the regional, I was only there on Saturday and couldn’t record it this year.

I was about to ask the same thing. The archive they have is nice, but you have to download Microsoft Silverlight to view it, and even after you do that if all you want to watch is your teams match, you may be waiting several hours for it to buffer (which I am currently doing). :frowning:

I hope we can get a copy from them, as the individual match archives on SOAP and TBA are much easier to use. :slight_smile:

We have an agreement with Discovery Channel that any video I get from them cannot be rebroadcast but can be used for local promotion and sponsor recruitment. We are currently looking for one of the FIRST feed copied tapes or DVD. As soon as we can Jonathan will try and put up by matches.

This is wonderful. I love being able to see matches that I was in the driver station for, from a different angle!! It shows me many things, such as: “Oh!! thats how 1114 and 2056 got 150-something points!! I missed like 4 hurdles of theres!!” That and it is always fun to see upgrades that worked well

Thanks Discovery!! (and Steve for telling me :D)

Has there been any luck looking for other copies to upload on soap and TBA??

I am wondering, because I would love to have a copy of our first quarter final match, for our presentation in one week! lol


Not yet, sorry.

If you use the non-silverlight video option, you can create a screen-capture video using something like CamStudio (which is free).

Alternatively, if you can get some stream-ripping software, it should be able to capture the windows media stream directly.

Both of these options, however, require you to watch the entire thing in order to capture it.

I didn’t realize there was a non silverlight option, I’ll have to try that, I have a downloader that saves stuff like Youtube videos but I couldn’t get it to work with the Silverlight videos, maybe the other way will work. :smiley:

EDIT: Can’t figure out how to use the non-silverlight option, any hints?

I don’t have silverlight installed (it refuses to install onto Firefox, probably something broken with my copy of Firefox), so when I go to play a video, it gives me the option of installing silverlight or playing it without silverlight. The screen-capture option probably works just as well with silverlight too.

Hmm, it must only give the option to people without it. I’d screen record it but my screen recorder doesn’t do audio and the videos on the site only load up to like the 6th match for me anyways. :frowning:

A download would be really helpful right about now.

The screen recorder I used (CamStudio) is free and can record audio from what your speakers are outputting.

Edit: I guess that doesn’t solve your only-6-matches problem. When I was doing the non-silverlight stream, it let me seek anywhere in the stream, which was nice.

We won’t be getting the footage on SOAP or TBA untill we have a hard copy of the footage, ripping the footage off the Discovery channel website would be circumventing Discovery’s rights to the footage up there and how we use it.

I think we were just talking about saving matches for our own general purposes. :wink:

The reason that people are having problems downloading is because they are not suppose to. The nice people at Discovery Channel also read these forums and know what is being said. If we wish to keep our relationship with Discovery Channel I would ask that you honor their copy rights and not copy the feed.