GTR Semi-Finals Highlight Video

For everyone’s viewing pleasure:

I guess this is what comes out of procrastination :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great Ader!

Congrats again to 1114, 1503, and 865. those were some of the great matches I’ve ever been a part of or watched.


I was so disappointed that that I never got to watch that semi-final series, due to a frantic repair job on the 296 'bot before the semis over on Pontiac.

good job on another video ader! it ws even more amazing to be there.


Although I’m not a huge fan of Fallout Boy the music added a nice touch.

I love the clips and the closeups and everything.

I think I’m gonna watch that again.

after watching i know now i am really scared of 217

Very nice job, I really enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for posting it.

Didn’t Team 4’s topple in SF match #2 seem to be in slow motion? From behind the driver’s station, it looked like the robot was almost perfectly balanced, then slowly tipped like a tree being felled.

It’s a really helpless feeling :frowning: when that happens, so we’re making changes to move our CG substantially lower on the robot in Atlanta.

Great video, really well put together (despite the terrible music choice :wink: )
10 Regional Championships one one field, quite a scary thought…

The music is fitting…
They went down, in an earlier round… and they went down swingin’ :wink:

Excellent job, I will definitely miss your videos next year.
I think you captured the essence of a very exciting series of matches.


Hey John, atleast you haev my awesome videos to look forward to next year. three years running and I still haevn’t finished one I like enough to show off. :wink: I can feel it though, next years the year.


Congrats to the thunderchickens! maybe toronto didnt work out but hey… nationals gotta count for something eh :wink: