GTR Thanks and Congrats

My thoughts are still a little disjointed at the moment, but bare with me for a moment. The double Greater Toronto Regional that took place in Mississauga this past weekend was a huge success. So many amazing things happened, let me try and document some of them.

Stan Hunter of Team 2056 winning the WFFA for GTR West. Stan is the backbone of this epic team. Back in 2006, before he even had a team, he diligently came out to 1114 team meeting to learn everything he could about running a FIRST team. Once he had his team, he’s worked constantly to build them up into one of the most accomplished teams in all of FIRST. To understand the impact Stan has had at a mentor, you just need to meet the amazing students and alumni on his team and get a sense for how much they “get it”.

Greg Phillips of Team 1114 winning the Volunteer of the Year for GTR East. In addition to being the lead teacher for 1114, Greg has also been championing the cause of FIRST and robotics education throughout the Niagara Region. Greg has worked with the school board to revamp technical education and push robotics fully into curriculum. He’s always providing support for every demo and event put on by FIRST Robotics Canada. It’s great to see his efforts rewarded.

Team 1503 winning their second regional of the season. Last year was a bit of a disaster for 1503. They’d be the first to admit they ended up with an over complicated robot that didn’t perform up to their standards. But this year, they went back to basics with a renewed emphasis on simplicity and robustness. The result? 32 consecutive matches where they scored an ubertube in autonomous mode and two regional wins. To everyone who said “you have to have a floor pickup to win”, their robot is the proof that you were blatantly wrong. Thanks to 1503 for serving as a nice reminder that simplicity and knowing your own resources are the key to being successful in FRC.

Team 1547 winning their second consecutive GTR. To everyone who thought their victory was a fluke last year, I hope this illustrates the flaw in that logic. It was a well deserved win for a team with an amazing program.

Team 2809 winning the Engineering Inspiration Award. Here’s another amazing team, with a great program. Their robot is on the cusp of being a contender at the Championship, while their team is strong in all aspects of FIRST. It’s just a matter of time until they win an Regional Chairman’s Award.

Team 781 winning their first regional since 2002. It was very fitting that the winner of the very Canadian Regional, would win it in the year we’re celebrating 10 years of FIRST events in Canada. This was definitely the best 781 robot I’ve seen in their 10 year history. Yet another testament to simplicity.

Team 2056 winning their 11th consecutive regional. This streak pretty much leaves me speechless. Just thing about this, they have never lost a regional event in five years! It’s actually mind boggling. They just continue to churn out dominant yet elegant robots year after year. This streak is approaching Cal Ripken or Joe DiMaggio territory in my mind.

Stacey Willick and Mike Quill of Team 1114 both winning the Dean’s List Award. You two are Simbot Rockstars, and I couldn’t be prouder of you. Thank you for helping carry our team to where we are today.

All the volunteers who’ve been making FIRST events happen in Canada for the past 10 years. This weekend was a fantastic celebration of what’s been happening up here in Canada for the past decade. It wouldn’t be possible if weren’t for the thousands and thousands of hours of effort and work but in by this amazing group of people. They made this weekend not only a great event, but a genuinely fun time.

Finally, a very special thank you to all the teams and individuals at GTR who helped honour our team founder, Steve Rourke, by wearing a memorial patch or sticker. The outpouring of support was moving. It was well appreciated by the entire team and Steve’s family.

team 1114 and 1503 had really good robots!!! I was impressed :slight_smile:

Looks like 1114 had it’s usual boring weekend, too, eh? Congratuations on not just a tournament win, but taking the RCA and a couple of Dean’s List Finalist awards, too. Oh… and website and quality, too. Really… where do you put all these trophies??? Undeneath a “hallway of banners”? :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping that the RCA translates into the Championship Chairman’s, too. It will be well-deserved and a long time coming.

As pleased as I was to see 1114 rocking along at their usual pace, I was even more delighted to see 1241, from Rick Hansen Secondary, not just doing well on the floor (as usual) but taking home Engineering Inspiration. It’s been a while since we got our start in FRC, but they literally took us in from the cold our first two years (they were great billets and hosts) and showed us what we needed to go on and collect six consecutive years of FRC awards. Not many teams have such an influcence on events on the other side of the continent!

Great job, Theory 6!


Congrats to all teams that attended the Greater Toronto Regional

1114 - 3 regional wins in one year for the 4th time I believe, and congrats on Regional Chairmans and for all of your other awards won this weekend. Best of luck at the Championships

2056 - 11 Straight regional wins and a 3 time winner in one season. Hope nexts years robot won’t be called unfinished business. Good luck at the Championships

1503 - Is back and ready to fight. Go get them at Championships

771 - 2nd Regional Chairmans award, you girls have impressed me since I first saw your robot in 2002. Good luck at Championships.

2809 - Congrats on the Engineering Inspiration Award

Stan Hunter an amazing Mentor and a well deserved Woodie Flowers Award

610 and 1310 you guys played amazing all weekend. Hope see you guys next year at Waterloo and GTR. And Tony don’t worry I won’t wave the penalty flag and you again and scare you lol

Thanks Karthik for your shout out to Team 781!
On behalf of Team 781 I’d also like to congratulate all the winners this past weekend. The event was wonderful and it was great to see so many teams take home trophies. The energy in the stadium was amazing, from both the East and West side. As always, the consistently strong performance by 1114 and 2056 has raised the standard of FIRST robotics teams in Canada, giving everyone a higher standard to work toward.
Thanks again for a great regional event this weekend, and good luck to everyone!

I personally would like to give a shout out to the army of volunteers who worked long and hard to pull off this dynamic and complex event with a particular attaboy to Alex Cormier who found himself thrust into the job of field supervisor on the West field due to the original field supervisor losing his mother on Thursday. Alex did an admirable job (thanks in large part to the help of the West field FTA Jeff Downs) considering he didn’t go through the training beforehand.
Good job to the whole crew one and all.

Thanks Jason! I hope you and your team are doing well there! We worked really hard this year towards not only the build season but also the community and holding workshops.

Team 1241 would like to thank the Quebec teams 2626 and 3117 for not only being wonderful partners but also coming down to GTR this year!

Congratulations to Mr. Phillips of Team 1114 winning the Volunteer of the Year for GTR East!

Congratulations to Team 1503 for winning their second regional. Their robot was simple yet elegant. Nick’s driving was just phenomenal and I agree to the fact that he makes a simple robot perform so well!
Congratulations to Stephanie Thomson from 1503 as well for winning the WFA!

Congratulations to Team 781 for winning their first regional since 2002. The Kinetic Knights have really shone this year! Can’t wait to see you all again at Buckeye!

Congratulations to teams 188,1075 and 1006 for being the East Regional finalists, you all worked hard all weekend and got better and better after each of your respective qualification matches as well!

Congratulations to Team 3527 for winning the Rookie All-Star award at the East end, your enthusiasm and spirit is truly commendable. This team was loud and spirited throughout the entire competition, literally since Thursday morning! Thanks also for coming down all the way from Mexico! It was a pleasure!

Teams 3560, 3698 and 3705 for all winning awards in their first regional! Team 1241 is truly proud of what they have accomplished this year!

I have to chime in and offer some thanks of my own back to Karthik and 1114.

After our disappointing performance last year, I talked to Karthik and other Simbots during the off-season and asked them for robot design advice. They graciously invited me into their workshop (after I bribed them with baked goods) several times during build season, and acted as a sounding board for 1503’s ideas. They prevented us from making at least one major mistake (sacrificing high-row scoring in favour of ground pickup) and provided many helpful tips on component sourcing and minibot design.

So to the Simbots, thanks for your continued mentorship and for having enough faith in us to pick us twice this year, and congratulations on #17! I know Steve would be proud.

Congratulations on your 3rd regional win this year! 1114 is a class act. Good luck with the National Chairmans Award. Your team is more than deserving!


Wow, what a weekend.

Big thanks to 188 and 1006 (Yay DDSB!) for being our amazing partners in our best run since our first year of Robotics. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous/excited in an eliminations round as GTR 2011.

Congrats to 1114 and 1503 and 1482 for battling us all the way. I have to admit, when I found out 1503 couldn’t pick up off the floor I figured they were toast…boy was I wrong. Also, I never thought tank-style drive would be as effective as both of you showed it to be in this year’s game. You are both true champions.

I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw 3527 win Rookie All-Star. They deserved it and boy did they know how to party! They made it a blast all weekend hanging out with us, cheering with us, and inviting us to dance parties in the hallway. Go Juanito!

We also want to congratulate 2056 who stopped us in our tracks every other tournament, you are a force to be reckoned with and I hope you get your chance to truly shine at Championship.

Finally we want to congratulate our fellow Whitbians 1547 on a valliant effort, and a well deserved chance to go to St Louis. Waldo defines Robotics and we couldn’t be prouder of our home town ladies.

It was a great weekend for Durham having their 3 teams finish 1 and 2, and we couldn’t be happier here at Sinclair!

Rock it Like the Sprockets!