GTR Thanks & Congrats

What an amazing weekend. Easily the best competition that I’ve ever been a part of. I’m exhausted, and partially at a loss for words, but let me try this anyways.

Team 865 - We’re honoured to have worked with you. You played some hard nosed defense, and cleared many paths for us to the goals. Good luck with the fundraising for Atlanta.

Team 1680 - You’ve certainly done a lot of growing. That was great set of matches during the finals. Great work.

Team 1305 - Your team is a model that all other teams can and should look up to. Thanks for all your support and help.

Team 771 - I do FIRST for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is seeing the excitement and passion in the students. Your team is filled with this. You truly “Get it”. From the top down, you team is absolutely amazing. You girls inspire me.

Teams 229, 217 & 4 - By far the toughest challenge we’ve faced this year. You had us on the ropes, and shaking in our boots. I can only imagine what would have happened if you were at 100%. Let’s just say I don’t like the potential outcome.

Team 4 - you were an inspiration all weekend long. You handled a tough situation in the best possible way.

Team 229 - your team is a class act. Great people, great program, great robot. To all those who haven’t seen them, when 229 has a full load of balls and heads down the field, look out. They’re nearly unstoppable.

Team 217 - This is a robot to be reckoned with in Atlanta. A consistent automode, and an accurate camera locking turret. Plus, the students on this team are just phenomenal. Some of the best and brightest in FIRST. Paul, you’ve got an amazing group. Keep jumping up and down.

All the American teams who made the trip - Thanks for coming to add some American flavour to our event. I know customs and all can be a hassle, thanks so much for coming in spite of the obstacles. You definitely increased the excitement and energy of the event.

Steve Warren, Amanda Cortese and Joel Johnson - What a great set of emcees and announcers we had this weekend. You guys carried me through the weekend.

Shawn Lim - I’m so proud of you. The WFA is a perfect fit for you. You’re constantly teaching and inspiring. Your efforts can be seen in the dedication of all your students. Thanks for being a friend over the past 14 years.

I’m repeating words. A sign of a very tired Karthik. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Karthik I agree, it was an awesome weekend.

First off thanks to everyone, that helped us in our seeding matches, especially during our undefeated run at the top. (ended up 9-1, lost the last darn match)

Definite Thanks to our alliance partners 217, and 4.

217: Is one of the best teams in FIRST and we were honored to work with them and pick them. They will be a force to be reckoned with at Nats!

4: You guys had every reason to be discouraged and disappointed after the shipping mess up, but the vibe I always got from your students was up beat and inspired, we were glad to have such a class act and great robot on our alliance.

1114: What can I say, I would’ve loved to see you on our team, rather than against, but that was one heck of a semi- final. I wish our robot hadn’t started to suffer the rigors of competition it would’ve made things very interesting. Thanks for all the help and encouragement over a long weekend.

1114 and 1503: Congratulations on history

65 and Chris Hibner: Thanks a ton for taking the time to help us with our Auto mode right before the finals.

And on a side note thanks a lot to Andy Baker, both for the bearings he gave to our team that kept us running, and for the most professional inspection I’ve ever had in seven years of FIRST.

See Everyone in Atlanta
Chris C.
Team 229

I would like to thank everyone that i met there at the regional

it was a blast.
i am glad that my last regional as a student member of the huskie brigade was here at Toronto.
i would like to thank 854 and 1346 for their hard effort in that first round of the elims.
we all tried our best.
congratulations to team 1680 to get to the finals to face your older siblings.
that was an awesome first match
i was defiantly rooting for you.
i will wear my Niagara first hat today as i travel Toronto for one last day.
thanks for everything guys.

team 65

All I can say is, WOW! What a wild roller coaster ride this regional was.

The full story will be written and sent to Woodie Flowers later, but Team 4 had an experience of a lifetime here in Toronto. The support we received from other teams in helping us build the robot on Thursday was incredible. We can’t begin to thank the teams who came to our aid enough.

Some highlights:

Woodie Flowers autographed BOTH of our robots.
Selection and competing with Teams 229 and 217 - awesome alliance partners who deserved a championship here.
The greetings and commendations from everyone who saw us on the field and in the pits.


Magic smoke escaping from our robot in the semi-finals (from a Victor and or CIM) after already using a timeout to repair substantial mechanical damage on the undercarriage. Our apologies to our alliance partners for not being 100% in the last two matches…I think we might have taken the Triplets as we had in the first semi-final match.

Overall impression:

The most incredible experience I’ve had with FIRST - one for a lifetime.

Thanks all - and thanks Karthik for the encouragement and kind words.

Thanks to everyone. It was a great regional.

Team 217: You guys have a great robot. It was great to work with you all during the elimination rounds. Watch out for this team at nats.

Team 4: I’m glad I got to see you guys work before drafting. Even though you had to build another robot for all but one match in qualification rounds you still had what we were looking for. It was great working with you.

Teams 1114, and 1503: What can I say. Congrats on the history. You 2 are a very good pair of robots.


this regional was very fun
and to all the people that had scouting duty, i feel for you because two field playing 45 seconds apart
it was so hectic, i still dont have all the info imput on to our computer.
but overall it was fun

good job to all the teams

From Team 1305 I would like to thank 1680 for picking us and teams 1419 and 1620 for helping get to the finals.

Congrats to 1114, 1503 and 865 you guys were amazing.

It was an amazing regional and the team can’t wait to go to Atlanta.

I would also like to thank Karthik, FIRST wouldn’t be the same without you. You are one amazing person. From announcing, to helping other teams out you are truly what FIRST is about.


WOW! What an amazing weekend! I had been away from FIRST for almost a year and this regional really reminded me of how much fun these competitions really are, and why I want to remain a part of it.

I am thrilled that I was able to witness moments in history, High scores, to 3 regional wins, this competition blew me away. The finals were outstanding! Who would believe the amount of history between the competing teams. Teams 229, 217, and 4 proved that they are among the best in FIRST they held their own and made for an exhilerating 3 matches! Teams 1114, 1503, and 865 leave me speechless. You are an inspiration to many, in the words of Karthik, you truly “Get it”!

So besides thanking and congratulating those teams, there are a few other people who helped me, and helped make this regional the best in FIRST!

Steve - I’m not gonna lie I was a little worried about working with the man who announced all of my competitions last year. But besides my initial intimidation you helped me survive my first FIRST volunteering experience! Whether I was too fast or too slow you kept me on track and I can’t thank you enough for that! It was a pleasure working with you!

Joel - I would hear from in the distance the announcing from the chevrolet field and instantly hear the voice of a pro! You did a superb job and never failed to keep the crowd glued to a match!

Karthik - hmm… ya I suppose you weren’t really very important to this weekend… KIDDING!!! The talk about this being such a phenomenal regional goes hand in hand with what an amazing MC you really are! I feel honoured to have been able to get a glimpse of what your job is like, and to have been able to learn from the BEST! You sir, are the driving force of that “I” in FIRST - to inspire is what you do best!!! Thank you!

1547 - I can’t go without thanking you girls (and the mentors that work alongside them!). This team has grown into a team which I’m sure, given a couple more years, will be a unstoppable! Congratulations on all of your hard work and you make me proud to be able to say, “I used to be part of that team!” :stuck_out_tongue:

So a final thanks to every single team there! I hope to continue volunteering with FIRST so that I can see each and every one of you further your journey of a lifetime.

(wow! Could this be any longer, or emo?!)

Now… alot of people said this would be THE best regional of 2006, and within the first 3 seconds of the elimination rounds, it was clear that they were all correct. What an intense set of elimination matches! Non-stop action, right down to the last second of each round.

Karthik - You’re the man. Great MC. Great regional planner. Great attitude. I really appreciate the fact that you invited me up to announce on Chevrolet, even though I had never previously done play-by-play at an official regional.

217 & 4 - What great robots. Team 4 was a defensive machine, and 217 had the turret that allowed them to overcome even the strongest defense. Maybe there will be a second chance at the Championship, who knows!

1114 & 1503 - I’m not saying thanks :(. j/k. Congratulations on a great season. I mean, who the heck wins three regionals!?!? You guys were so impressive to watch, when allied together. I’m still amazed at how well you can hold your ground when you unleash your assault on the 3pt. goal! Unreal.

The scorekeepers, and everyone else at the scorer’s table - You guys really knew what you were doing! You dealt with all field problems professionally, and quickly, and kept the competition moving right along. Great job.

That’s my list. Thanks again, everyone.

Like everybody has said what a great regional

To the MC’s/announcing crew
Amanda- wonderful job at MC’ing for the first time, home to see you back in the future.
Karthik - always love hear all your stories about teams, your knowedge about everything about FIRST is trurely amazing
Steve W./ Joel - the play by play is what makes watching the matches extra exciting.

To our alliance team: 1281, 1219, and 45
We gave it our best shot, after losing the first match we came back strong in the second and third match only to lose the last one by two points.

Thanks to all the teams that helped us out with parts and camera help.

Kayla - Nice to finally meet you

To all the teams that came and made this the best and biggest regional in FIRST, hope you all had a great time here, and hope to see all of you and many more teams next year.

To team 1281 - what can i say, Waterloo regional winners, 11th seeded team at GTR. Best of luck at Atlanta, wish I could go, but I’ll be in Japan that week.

Complete thanks to everyone who made this regional possible. I thought that graduating last year, not being able to be part of the drive crew, not being able to say that I was a student on the team would make the regional feel “different”, feel somewhat diminished, but I know now that it is far far from the case. My love of FIRST is stronger than ever now, since I feel like I am able to spread what I learned as a student down to the students on the team now, despite the fact that I only graduated about 8 months ago. Try convincing some of the students on 188 sometime that I am a real mentor :rolleyes:

Thank you to teams 843 and 771 for giving us a chance to compete again in the elimination rounds. We gave it a shot against a heavily stacked alliance. It was quite tough to be on the other side facing 610 this time instead of being allied with them and we wanted you to go all the way.

Team 4, I love you guys. It was amazing to see Guy, Joseph and everyone else that had come in 2004, that I had seen in 2005 in LA and back a gain this year. This looks to be as healthy an exchange as possible and something that will hopefully be a model for other teams around FIRST.

Thank you to Karthik, Amanda, Steve and Joel. I was impressed by the calibre of all the people that “worked” the crowd at the event. It is quite difficult to control the interest of an entire arena of people across people but you guys performed to very high calibre. I am even more impressed now by the fact that Joel had never called a regional before, I kept saying how his voice fit the role of a professional announcer.

To Teams 1114, 1503 and 865, congratulations. Another trouncing by 1114 and 1503 can only add to their growing lore throughout FIRST. If Team 188 was the Team Canada of the late 90’s then Teams 1114, 1503 and 1680 respectively are the Team Canada’s of the 21st century.

Teams 217 and 229, your alliance with 4 was the one of the most feared combinations I had seen throughout the regional and I was giving serious consideration to the thought that you would make it through and take the two wonder twins. It was a shame that was the semi’s rather than the finals.

Team 772, I dont know if you heard our cheers from across the field just before the awards ceremonies, but we were gunning for you the whole time. Its been quite fun to see you through 3 regionals and we can only wish you guys the best of luck in nationals! While 188 isnt going, I along with our strategy head Adam should be in town to experience the fun. We will hopefully represent the other half of the “Seven Seven Who?!” Cheer!

To Shawn Lim and the rest of Team 188’s mentors and indeed all mentors everywhere, thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be involved in FIRST and to continue being involved. I am proud to call myself a member of Team 188 and I am forever indebted to all of you.

It is quite easy to be emo when you feel this good about something :wink:

I would like to thank everyone who made this regional amazing. Everyone from the volunteers to the announcers, to the organizers. We had an AMAZING Friday, simply the best we have ever performed. We were in 1st place for half of Friday, I feel that was a accomplishment in itself with such a deep field of amazing robots. We even got the chance to beet a triplet :). We ended Friday loosing only one match because we got tipped over during.

However Saturday ended up being a totally different story, we were in a unusually position of being THE target for defensive bots. In out first match we had to play the defensive powers of 1305 and 1281. What can I say they put on a defensive show. Then we also lost another match to 296 who were able to out score us.

We got chosen by the 5th seed 703, and had a tough first round match against 771 and 188 who we had such a great time with in Waterloo, going to the finals with them. We beat them showing that 703 and ourselves were a true offensive powers who complimented each other. 703 enjoyed the top of the ramp, we enjoyed the bottom. They were consistent in auto going on the ramp and shooting, and we were consistent at dumping in auto. In our second round we played the amazing alliance of 229, 217, and 4. We knew that to get to the finals they would be the ones to beat. They found out our weakness and exploited it, 229 was able to push us around when we were at the front of the ramp, and caused us to tip over in both matches. They were an amazing alliance whom put on quite a show.

Thanks to everyone who made GTR great, and I can’t wait for Atlanta. We proved that we can compete with the elite teams, and can’t wait for the increased competition.

The TechnoKats went out on a limb and took the trip to Toronto this past weekend. We had a blast, and were very happy to make the effort to go.

FIRST off, I am so proud of team 45. I don’t usually toot our horn on these forums, but I was amazed by the effort from our entire team this weekend. The students worked hard all weekend. Our pit crew transformed our robot from “Katapult” to “Katawheel” on Thursday. This effort was led by our students and a couple of adult mentors as many adults volunteered to help run the event. Great job goes out to our student leaders Kyle Love, Nick Boyce, Michael Hill, and Timon Pike. You are our strongest student leaders I have been associated with on team 45. Our scouting crew had match data from each robot of each match on Friday… not easy since there was a 3-4 minute cycle time. Our drive team lost the first 4, but then won the next 4 matches on Friday (and shut down a top team during the last match) by working through adversity. Also, I would like to point out that 8 TechnoKat mentors and adults played MAJOR roles as GTR volunteers: Mark Koors was the FTA, along with Walt Porter from FIRST. Dave Brown and his son Tim helped with field setup on Wednesday (and teardown). Bette Anderson, a grandmother of a TechnoKat student, helped at Pit Admin. Carol Anderson and Barbara Sutherlin helped with queing. Randy Abney helped with field reset. Tim Boyce had the thankless job of being in charge of the Practice Field (it was crazy at times). And I had the opportunity to be Lead Inspector. All of these volunteers were happy to do their jobs. We were a small handful of the 140 volunteers at GTR. They represent our team’s FIRST spirit well.

Mark and Rhona Breadner… thank you for showing us all how a family can be happily involved in FIRST. I had the great opportunity to meet your children and Rhona’s father, and they are amazing people. Thank you for the support for our team.

Fellow inspectors; Abi, Nicholas, Pavel, Kris, Chris, Alistar, and Gord. We had 74 robots to inspect in one day (plus a few hours). You all were amazing, patient, and tireless. Thank you for your support, advice, and help with any issue that would arise (and patience with my exceptions).

Kim O’Toole… thanks for the taxi service and for helping with inspections. You jumped in and kept us organized when we needed it.

Tristan Lall… thank you helping with inspections and pointing out issues to inspect. Your eye is keen and you are clear with the issues at hand. Without your help and attention, small problems could’ve mushroomed into big obstacles.

Matt Berube… it was great to work a match with you again. Also, thanks for jumping in on inspection help.

John, Amanda, Paul, and Jen… was Friday night as special as I think it was? Amazing. That was one of my top 3 “nights of a FIRST event” ever.

Ken Patton… thanks for the advice and the kick in the pants.

Wendy Wooten… congrats on having another wonderful team. Keep doing what is good for FIRST, as your team does well.

Karthik… you rock. Keep on jumping.

Steve Warren… thanks for listening and thank you for helping out on Thursday with any issue that would arise.

Shyra and Shelly… thanks for the kilt!!!

Team 1620… it was a pleasure to get to know you all better. Rohan, you are a fine young leader. Some advice, though, with regard to your bumpers… wing nuts!!! Congrats to your team for making it to the finals.

Team 1281… thank you for the alliance pick in the finals. Also, thank you for being good customers. Good luck in Atlanta.

Team 1219… you are a classy group. Our team enjoyed being paired with you during the Q matches and finals.

Woodie… thank you for the grasshopper picture, and for being an inspiration to my whole family. Expect more drawings.

Vance… thanks for the invitation and faith to help out at your event. You are doing great things.

I made a slew of new friends in Toronto, and surely left off many from this list. I would love to return soon.

Thanks to all,
Andy Baker

My list of thanks:

  1. My wonderful students on the ThunderChickens. You all make the sacrifice soooo worth it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you are, hands down, the best group of kids we have ever had on team 217.

  2. 229 - It’s about time we were together. Too bad we couldn’t have made it to the finals together. You are are long distant sibling and we need to work together again in the future.

  3. Karthik, Andy Baker, JVN, Ken Patton: You are my true friends in FIRST and I was glad we were all together at this regional. And yes Andy, Friday night dinner was a memorable one for both Jen and I.

  4. Team 4. You are a true inspiration. Because of how your story inspired me, I will try to convince the team to travel west for a regional next year. How you overcame the horrible odds is the real story of the weekend.

  5. Woodie. What can I say? Being around you makes me want to be a better person. Simply an amazing human being.

  6. My brother, Mike. Having you as a big part of the ThunderChickens means more to me than words can express.

  7. Joel J. You are an amazing announcer. I will be spreading your name all around town for next year’s events. If Great Lakes conflicts with any of my team’s schedules you will be the first person I recommend to replace me.

    1. A fierce robot with great people behind it. Competing against you on the field brought out the best in us.

There are more, but I am tired and going to bed. More thanks to come tomorrow.