GTR Webcast

Greater Toronto Regional is happy to announce a second year webcast run by Discovery Channel (Canada). Last year they did a wonderful job interviewing people and filling space between matches. There were some issues with our fine American neighbors however in that there were blackouts in some areas. I have been working with Discovery Channel and I believe they have the issue resolved. With help from my gracious friends here on CD I believe that all were able to see last years archives.

I am attaching the links to last year for others to test. I was not able to test the mid states or the western US. Please email/PM me if you try and are unable to access. Here’s looking to another great year with FIRST. Remember to drive it like you stole it but be sure that it is in OVERDRIVE.

Hi Steve;

Can you see if any folks you know in the U.S. can see our archived webcast from last year?
I believe we’ve been able to take the Canadian geolock off…

FIRST Robotics, Greater Toronto Regionals - March 30

FIRST Robotics, Greater Toronto Regionals - March 31

FIRST Robotics, Greater Toronto Regionals – bonus features

FIRST Robotics, Greater Toronto Regionals – bonus features II



unavailable for Israel :frowning:

I will see what I can do.

“Sorry, the video you are trying to watch is only available in Canada.”

From Virginia

Thanks for the reply. I just sent another note to see if we can remedy this. I will keep people posted here when I receive an update. Others please keep checking your area.

Same from Metro Detroit.

what if discovery channel were to set up a proxy that users could connect to in order to watch videos, to get around the geo-lock?

again from new jersey

Think they could also make a special exception for France as well Steve? :slight_smile: Nothing working here, though I was not expecting it to in the first place.

I wonder if the Discovery people would consider adding someone from the CD community to do play-by-play or colour commentary?

I’d actually be really interested… haha

Maybe Karthik would too?

Cant watch a thing in Grand Rapids metro Michigan


I believe an alumni from Team 1547 Waldo named Amanda did something like that in 2005 or 2006.

That was a good production! Hopefully this year’s will top that one!

(Btw, doesn’t seem to work here in CT)

Ok everyone, I have just spoken to Peter again and explained that we want world wide coverage and listed a lot of our problem areas. They thought that the Geolock was off and don’t understand why it is being blocked. He has a team working on it now.

When I hear back from him I will post and we can retest with the CD community. Thanks for helping us out, we hope to fix soon. Good thing is that there are 4 weeks to resolve this issue.

PS: Jeff I hope that we can get you hooked up so that you can see 188’s awesome robot in action. I know that you are going through withdrawal in France.

All the links at the top have been truncated with periods in the middle. It is possible that Geolock IS off for all the FIRST stuff, but we’re all getting redirected to discovery’s default program (JetStream for me), which would be geolocked.

I am able to get the links as are people in Texas, Maryland, Florida, Michigan and a few others. We are not quite sure why they don’t work in some areas. Peter is looking into it with his team.

I just reposted the links because I also got directed to the wrong place. It seems to go to the right place now.

I can now access the site and get the option to view the clips but they don’t begin streaming when I select them.

Did you install the software?

Just an FYI to those trying to test these links, I had to use IE to access them not Firefox. You also have to click the message to install Silverlight if you do not already have it.

After taking care of those 2 things it worked fine for me here in MN.

Yes after installing the software and trying it with Firefox and IE, though it may be having issue with the school system’s proxy.

Edit: I’ll check it when I get home since it appears our proxy is having issues.