Guerrillas & Huskies Get Press Coverage

Guerrillas, Huskies and Oakland County, MI FIRST teams get press coverage. Read full story at:

On-Line story did not include the following, which was published as an inset:

Nice to see some great coverage for FIRST in the news! I read the article yesterday, it was a pretty good one.

w00t Oakland County :slight_smile:

Too bad my team is in Washtenaw, oh well, I’m wearing my OCCRA shirt so it’s all good :slight_smile:

Congratulations to ALL the Oakland County teams. Amazing group of robotics teams - pretty difficult to imagine a county with as many top notch teams! I wish they had listed the Regional Event results as well - I know Rochester Adams HS, Troy HS, and Notre Dame Prep had a great season too. Nice to see everyone do so well. That is so cool!

Way to go Oakland County! We sure are lucky to have the robotics opportunities here.

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I wish they had listed the Regional Event results as well

I think the main reason newspapers don’t is because the nearest regional is in Washtenaw County (Ypsilanti, Great Lakes Regional). Not very “sensational” to say “Oakland County teams __ __ __ and ___ were at a regional and blahdy blahdy blah”

Not too hard to speak out about a regional, the only people that would care are the teams themselves, and yes, any coverage is good coverage, but it’s hard for the general public to appreciate “6th place at Regionals.” 6th Place in FIRST means you enter the eliminations, then again, you can also be in 40th and enter.

The layout of competitions is a bit to obscure for the general public to understand in a newspaper bulliten****

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**The layout of competitions is a bit to obscure for the general public to understand in a newspaper bulliten **

Well… It’s not really the lay out of FIRST, but any competition. Think about it… If you didn’t know the rules/objective to football, wouldn’t it look pretty strange? What FIRST needs is some major network to show some competitions. When this will happen, no clue… but It’s really what we need.

PS: Go Oakland County…

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Yay for press coverage =)
I heard wildstang was on national news or something? Anyone have any info about that? It might not even be true because I don’t remember where I heard it!

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I heard wildstang was on national news or something?

Our drive team and one of the engineers went down to the CNN building in Chicago and were on Headline News live. This thread has a link to one of the interviews. We are trying to get a digitized copy of the other interview, as well.

We also got some front page coverage in the Daily Herald (the NW Suburbs of Chicago paper), but I can’t seem to find the article online anymore. They had some nice photos in the actual paper :slight_smile:


BTW, since I have the chance again, awesome job Huskies and Las Guerillas… you both made the alliance absolutely awesome! Hope to work with y’all again soon :slight_smile:

Nate, I know this is a personal question, but…

Izzat a new haircut?

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**Izzat a new haircut? **


As a matter of fact, it is :slight_smile: Last year, I had made a deal with Allen, our driver, that if we win the Championship, I’d shave my head. The agreement was maintained through this year, as well, and, lo and behold, we won the Championship…

And off went the hair… There were about 40 people in my hotel room helping shave my head… quite a scary scene :smiley: We also buzzed the head of one of our machinists and one of our software students that night, too. There was a lot of hair in that room by the end of the night!

Luckily, it has grown out enough now that I don’t have to worry about burning it anymore!!


I love it when FIRST teams get press coverage. Team 66 got an artice in the sunday edition of the Ann-Arbor news on page b3 (local section) about our robot charlie. It was too cool too read about soemthing I helped to build get coverage in a newspaper.