Guess how I generated this graph

Can you figure out what these numbers are? This plot uses match data from the 2020 Los Angeles North Regional. I would be happy to generate the same plot for other events upon request.

EDIT: I done goofed, there was a bug, this graph is updated


Predicted Alliance average endgame contribution (y) over average penalty contribution (x)?


Y-axis is definitely something like OPR, but it’s scaled weirdly. The x-axis is a lot harder, but my guess is that it has something to do with climb?

Here are some other somewhat randomly chosen events

EDIT: I had a bug, these are fixed

Northern CT District Event (2020ctnct)

Israel District Event 2 (2020isde2)

Great Northern Regional (2020ndgf)

Kettering 1 (2020miket)

Plano District Event (2020txpla)

Ontario Humber College District Event (2020onto3)

X-axis: something to do with it, yes
Y-axis: yes

At first the images weren’t loading and I thought this was a very cruel joke about events not happening.


Guess how I generated this graph



ding ding ding we have a winner

but I’ll be even more impressed if you can guess how I got my data points


Was Zebra present

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I wish

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Not Tableau >:(


It’s definitely something that has to do with API, and doesnt require you to be present at the event. I don’t think TBA alone is enough for this, something else combined with TBA…

nope, all information comes from the TBA API, accessed using @saikiranra’s frcstat library

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Half right yay!

Y= # of failed climbs (or just an inverse # of climbs)

I’m gonna need more details than that


component OPR of balls scored

edit: your first photo failed to load the X-Y axis #'s, i bet this is wrong also


X axis I think is “how many points less than the average score from climbing”

Y axis, similarly, “how many points more than the average score from balls”