Guess The Next Game :)

Hello There,
Lets start to guess what will be the game in the next season.
Any other ideas?

It has already started…

I think FRC-sized Cascade Effect or SkyRise would be epic.

Anything that has defense and a good endgame would be good too, tho.

They should just consolidte all of those threads into one thread.

Just make a FIRST version of Quidditch. The only people who would be complaining are drivers from previous years who wanted to play it.

Pool cleaning robots and leaves :smiley:

Skee ball with bowling balls.

I would rather KEEP the structural integrity of my skull, thank you.

A game type like this would be quite interesting, but perhaps without the bowling balls. :ahh:

Please excuse my paint skills, but I believe this addresses this issue… :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m sure adequate saftey constraints could be put in place- rolling only, no upward trajectories, no launch from more than the height of the ball, penalties for overshooting the target, etc.

You could make the balls different weights but otherwise the same and add a balancing coopertiton end game. Would be fun.

I think the game will include robots on field doing something. I am thinking about the game now and will give you more information on January 9th.

I predict that telerobots, controlled by the type of vertebrate known as “human”, will move and displace objects to score points.

I also predict, without having seen the game at all, or having any other knowledge of said game, that IRI will modify the rules to remove the single most hated one, or set of them.

Next year the field will be a suspended grid of pipework and the robots will have to navigate 2’ off the floor around that grid like monkeys in trees.

The field pieces will be foam bananas.

Gee, I hope you’re right.

Ground contact isn’t allowed. You’ll have to make a helicopter. The game will be called Helicopter Hazard. You have to pick up pool noodles and drop them in goals.

I’ll xpost what I made in the rumor mill subforum.

I think it could be field hockey, rather than the typical puck-based hockey. With some durable foam-ish (whatever material, just not something that will be shredded in four seconds) balls, they could put goals at different heights for varying points, much like years past. Ground goal 1pt, mid goal 3pts, maybe a high goal (with a net over that area for safety or whatever) for more points.

I think hockey would really allow for more diversity in strategy and builds. Defensive bots can try to be a powerhouse, with a 6 CIM west coast drive and just push people out of the range of the goal. There could very well be goalies, if the goals are wide enough. Offensive bots could either try to be powerhouses and move defense out of the way (us in 2013…) or agile and try to move around the defense, with something like a lightweight mecanum drive.

Some rules would be you can’t have the ball touching your robot more than X inches off the ground for N seconds or more, shooting from beyond half-court is extra points, human players can inbound C amount of balls at a time, robots can only possess or control Z number of balls or less at a time, etc.

I think the strategy involved in beating an alliance would be a VAST improvement over ‘strategy’ in 2015.

I strongly believe this will happen in the next few years. If it does, i’ll only be sad I won’t get to be with a team for it.

Normally I don’t play guess-the-next-challenge, but I’ll give it a shot.

-Every year, FIRST seemingly alternates a ball game with a non-ball game. Because last year was NOT balls, this game will involve balls.
-Given that balls will be in the game, it is necessary to approximate the size of these balls. We’ve already had big balls (har har) recently in Aerial Assist, so I predict the balls will be a smaller size next year, almost like rebound rumble’s size.
-It will likely be a game where alliances COMPETE ant interact, saying that the community as a whole seems to want something different than last year’s average score ranking system.
-I’m thinking a sports-related game. FIRST hasn’t had one in 2 years (although A.A was supposed to be volleyball), so I see one coming our way soon.

Thus, from these conclusions, I’m looking at…
-Dodge ball
-Soccer (maybe, but we’ve sort of had this one before)

Of all these sports, and I’m sure I’m missing a LOT, I’d pick almost a dodgeball-like game where the goal is to have as few balls on your side of the field as possible, and maybe a secondary objective of throwing balls through something to get additional points.

I don’t see that so much to be dodgeball as “hot potatoes”. If each side had a large funnel goal that feeds a long, low slope helix or other delay mechanism that kept the “receiving” alliance from quickly rebounding scored balls, that would provide your secondary objective.



Home zone carpeted areas at either end of monkey bar grid will be the only floor surface that robots can legally contact. Floor below the monkey bars will be covered with blue carpet and designated “the water” <insert water game comment here>. Monkey-bots that contact the water will be penalized. Scoring will require a successful, aerial traverse of the bars to retrieve bananas.:cool:

Bananas will, of course, be pool noodles.