Guess what happens the night before ship date on our best build season yet.

I’m kinda new to our team so “the best build season yet,” is just what i’ve been told.

Anyway, we have had a usable product aside from minor changes since Friday night. Tonight we needed an autonomous program and some minor things such as graphics. At about 8:30 tonight, our programmer walked in as our robot shuts down randomly while we were driving.:confused: After further inspection we traced our power to the cRio. Our cRio broke the night before shipdate.:ahh: Now we’ll have some fundraising work to get another. And we want 2 in case any brake at competition. That’s $3,000 to raise in apx. 2 :ahh: weeks b/c we need it to be shipped here before competition.

On a lighter note, everything has been working great until then.:slight_smile: We’ve got a lot of driving time and I’ll post some pictures on Wednesday (I hope).

Check the battery - make sure it is charged. Check 24V going to the controller. If that looks ok, call in tomorrow to get it swapped out. We will need details on how your system was wired (controller grounded, motors, in use, etc.).

I find it hard to believe you truly broke it. Double check everything. The cRIO is designed to take a beating.

Call NI/FIRST/KwikByte(for DS) to determine how broken your system actually is. All the hardware provided today is fairly new and there are many bugs that still need to be worked out. They might be able to send you a replacement also.

If the cRIO did in fact break you can call in to NI’s support (see below) and we will overnight you a new one for free!

Even if NI wasn’t replacing broken cRIOs, the cost to teams for a new one is not $3000. It is ~$750 for one, ~$1500 for the rest.

I didn’t realize that. Thank you. THat menas only $2250 b/c we want 2 just in case. I think one of our mentors was going to call this morning.

And Ralph our electrical specialist checked all the voltages and it definately broke. I’m sure NI will help Greg (the one who’s calling them) if it’s a fixable problem.

I didn’t realize that either that’s amazing. Thank you.:slight_smile: