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The coolest thing happened…I was on an airplane going from Albequrque to Houston and the TV came on with a CNN clip about FIRST! I was about to have a cow! I put my seatbelt at its max length and started screamin to my whole youth group about it. We were comin back from a mission trip I had brought some of my pictures from competitions on the trip and all the youth from my church go to a different school than me so I had tried to explain FIRST to them, but they didn’t get it…then that came on TV and I got them all to listen to it and watch it. I actually was so loud that the old people in front of me were listening and watching too b/c they were probably wondering what the heck I was screamin about. :slight_smile: If I didn’t have to have my seatbelt on I would have been out of my seat SO fast tellin everybody about it. Luckily, a lot of people thought it was really cool and would be involved if it was at their school. Unfortunately, we’ve tried to get a near by university (Clemson University) to get involved with our team, but we have not been successful yet. I was SO surprised to see that clip and it got me ready for next year to come! :cool: Has anybody see it on CNN before? We don’t get CNN so I wouldn’t know…:frowning:


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what was the clip about?

I think it was in New York and they were at a regional. The woman interviewed a student and they interviewed Dean about FIRST and about the Segway. They showed some competition, but a good variety of what goes on (ball bot, goal bot, human players filling up goals). That’s about all I got b/c I was just going crazy about seeing it.


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Just shows how much FIRST is getting out there to other people.

If they interviewed Dean Kamen at the regional and it was one that was in New York, then most likly it would be the New York City Regional. He was not at the SPBLI Long Island Regional I know. I should start watching CNN more to see if anything about FIRST comes on.

Hey Jess!

I read the whole article and then at the very end I realized that you wrote it, lol.

How you doin’?

That’s cool that CNN tells a little bit about FIRST.

I remember the Canadian Regional we went to this year:

We watched the news at night and when they went on a commercial brake the first thing they showed was like “And when we come back we will talk about the FIRST robotics competition, blabla” and while they said that they showed our robot for like 10 seconds driving around, that was soooo cool!

Well, I gotta go and I guess I’ll talk to you in like a week, when I’m back in Germany (I’m at my grandma’s right now, on our way to Washington D.C., where I will be on vacation for a week before I go back to Germany).

so long, Phil

hey jess-

thats really cool…im sure everyone on the plane loved the fact that some girl was screaming and going nuts…oOo and when a man with in a nice business suit came up to u and asked u if u were ok and that question was followed by r u a terrorist? he was concerned for the planes safety…

this just goes to show what FIRST does to the body and the infection seems to be stronger in the offseason b/c it is in the middle of mutation…

Well Joe, I guess I was kinda afraid that I would get jumped…them thinking I had gone crazy…but I didn’t let that stop me, well it did for a sec, but then my FIRST blood started pumpin again and I just let it all loose! hehe :slight_smile:



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One of our local station in Maryland randomly did a FIRST report during the competition season. It was nice except for the fact that they did so little research into the program. Their report was centered around the New York Regional at Columbia University. They said that these competitions happen other places too, but they failed to mention that there was one in Virginia and Philly (both close by) and that there are actually teams in their area. They mentioned “We believe Woodlawn High School may have one of these FIRST teams”. Our Parkvillle High School team was rather displeased with the segment because our school is only a few miles away from the channel’s HQ, we are the oldest team in the state, and we had just won the NJ regional. The parents sent some nice letters explaining to them how stupid and short-sighted they were in not even seeing a decent FIRST team right under their noses. Rather embarrassed, they did a live-segment on their morning show “Don and Marty” that week with our team. That was very good publicity for FIRST I thought… but I still can’t get over how short-sighted they were in the first place.
Sorry for the random anecdote… but yeah… I heard about that CNN thing too… apparently it was quite good.
WOOH… go FIRST… yeah! :slight_smile:

i had seen that clip somtetime soon after or a little before nats

Last year (2001) while my team was on their way home from nats… we were waiting in a terminal and the TV there had CNN on. We saw a FIRST clip and a girl on our team, Katie, was being interviewed. It was pretty cool, the whole team was there and I think we annoyed everyone else near or around that terminal.