Guide to creating a custom Shuffleboard plugin

Hi all!

After making the Shuffleboard widget that plays sounds, I thought teams might find useful the process I went through of taking the example Shuffleboard plugin and turning it into your own, so I wrote down a step-by-step guide.

Happy to answer any questions.


Thanks for sharing! Bookmarking this! Although I think there was a planned rewrite of shuffleboard slated for 2023.

Excellent! I’ll keep an eye on it and keep the blog updated as needed.

This is great; we’d welcome a contribution to the official docs along these lines. The current shuffleboard plugin documentation we have relies on using the artifacts, but as I’m sure you discovered, the artifacts have gotten out of date, and it looks like it might be easier to provide a guide that builds in-tree like what you’re doing here.

No, it will still be around. Our long-term roadmap includes things like web-based dashboards, but I don’t see shuffleboard going away anytime soon.


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