Guitar Hero Robot Drive

For some mid-build season fun, our programmers added the ability to drive our 2016 robot with a guitar hero controller because for some reason, it’s built into WPILib :smiley:

Check out what it looks like here:

This is ,by far, one of the greatest things on Chief Delphi that I have seen today :slight_smile: XD

Man, is there anything wpilib can’t do? :smiley:

Fun fact, anything that shows up as a game controller can be a controller for a robot. DDR Pad, Drum Kit, Guitar Hero controller, Wii remote (it’s been done, but it was emulating a wired Xbox pad).

This is an innovation in control for me, the ability to be creative and do something awesome at the same time!

We actually were going to use this to drive our robot this year, but the controls proved to be a bit too confusing to efficiently use. However we will certainly keep our custom-painted guitar around for demonstrations!

It would be fun to see someone using the drum pad controller for this :smiley:

This is probably an old thread that nobody will really see, but at the FIM Lincoln District event, we brought back the guitar and used it to operate our lift, intake, and climber. Here’s a video of it from the final match:

Still surprised keyboard/mouse combo hasn’t come into play.

I imagine the reason the keyboard isn’t heavily used is due to the presence of a spacebar E-STOP. Going off of that, if you are considering using the keyboard, for that reason, don’t. It isn’t worth it.

Watching you guys drive your lift with the guitar hero controller was a great idea, and I wish we would have thought of it faster. :slight_smile: