guy stuck in toilet!

My family was just laughing about this story on the news.

Some guy was on a train and dropped his cell phone in the toilet. He reached in to get it and got stuck. They had to stop the train for several hours, I think. They took the whole toilet apart to get the guy out. The company wants to sue (sp?) the guy for all of the money spent on getting more trains to handle the crowd since this incident caused a backup during rush hour, the workers to operate the extra trains, the cost of the toilet, and the cost to have an emergency rescue team saw off the pieces of metal that made up the toilet. They are planning on suing him for thousands.

If anyone wants to add anything, or a link to the article, go ahead.

I would just like to know who would stick their hand in a toilet just to recover their cell phone?

I think that happened up here on the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road), but I’m not entirely sure.

In any case, I’d use it as an excuse to get a new phone ;).

what about ‘no, because I can just go to to cell phone place and get a new one for free.’?

Thats what I would pick.

This guy probably didn’t have an employee plan or demo account like us. Those people have to actually pay for their phone. I still wouldn’t have reached in a toilet to recover it and especially not in a public toilet, and definately not on a train since it is dangerous.

It really depends on what kind of train toilet it is…

If its the kind where all the ahem waste just goes into a large bin, then NO! I wouldn’t reach into that (i think it would probably be too far to reach anyway…plus the phone would probably sink…and that is kinda gross.)

But, if it is a train toilet more like a normal toilet, in that it has a flush (every train I’ve ever been on has been a flush toilet - like one of those push a pedal and some blue liquid flushes it), then of course I would retrive my cell phone from that.

As for the train company sueing the man, well they may very well try, but a very simple and obvious defense for the man is this: “There was nothing there to stop me from getting stuck in your toilet (i.e. You didn’t protect me from my own stupidity).”

And we have seen that argument hold up in US Courts on more than one occasion (remember the woman who spilled McDonals coffee on herself and also another toilet incident in a Starbucks where a man crushed himself in the toilet seat - both those people won on the basis of “You didn’t stop me from doing something stupid”).

I would also like to point out that putting this much thought into this subject is the height of me avoiding studying for midterms.


Just to clarify - I’m the one that voted No, It’s dangerous.

You can stick your hand in there and all you may pull back is a nub. Things live in there. What you ask? I don’t know - I just know that SOMETHING has to live in there…

I’d vote for the “Screw it… It’s only a cell phone… I can get another…” choice.

I also said No, it’s dangerous, but not because I believe it is. I voted so because it’s funny to think about that. What’s going to happen? Cobra bite?

Your phone would most likely be busted anyway… Although, I can see myself rolling up my sleeves and taking the plunge.