Gym floor SAFE Swerve Material

We are looking forward to doing some demos during school activities in our gym. Blue Nitrite wheel material is NOT safe for gym floors. Anyone out there maybe suggest something we can use on our Mk3 Modules that will be safer and NOT damage the gym floor?

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Vex beige roughtop or wedgetop would probably match a gym floor if it does mark. Unfortunately they’ve discontinued the 1.5" versions but you could cut the 2" down to fit.

You should be able to use Vex Versawheel DT (4") or the Andymark 4" HiGrip wheels. I would think either of them would be pretty non-marking and should be drop in replacements for the SDS wheels. You might need to grind off the versakey nubs from the Vex wheel to get it to mate with the bevel gear. With the Andymark wheels, I would think that the higher durometer (80A) would be less likely to leave marks, but I have never really tried, so others may have a better suggestion regarding durometer.

Since the MK3 does not actually include the wheel, I think the assembly instructions tell you how to integrate various wheel options into the module.

Edit: on page 6-7 of the MK3 assembly instructions it talks about the Versawheel being compatible and how to mount it. So, that seems like the best option. I think the Andymark wheel uses the same bore size and bolt pattern as the Vex wheel, so I’m not sure why that one is not listed as being compatible as well.

in my experience even the higrip wheels will leave marks if you allow the wheels to spin and skid. I never used them with a swerve but with a KOP DT, aggressive driving will leave marks. You might be fine if you use good current limiting.

Get yourself some Hanes brand socks, cut the toe off and slip that over each of the wheels…


It’s too bad that the AM Smoothgrip wheels don’t come in a 4" variety. I want to say that we have some old ones in one of our bins that are 4", but I might be wrong - they might be 6". 4" Lunacy wheels would be ideal!

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risky business sock slide
Something about that makes me think that’s a bad idea. Can’t put my finger on it though.


I’ve regularly proposed cutting the soles off the shoes approved for the basketball team to use, and riveting those to wheels, but nobody seems to take me up on the offer. It’s a completely infallible defense against the wrath of the gym teacher.

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