"Gyrating Jamboree" game

the following is a game created by many people in the thread called “crazy game”. i started the thread to try and see how crazy a game would be when it was made up by many people all trying to make the game as bizarre as possible.

#of robots - 3 on 3
scoring object #1 - Frisbee
point value of #1 - 1 point if in scoring zone, 5 points if in scoring receptacle
scoring object #2 - golf balls
point value of #2 - 5 points if placed into ball cup on 5 foot high platform
field radius (circular field)- 20 feet

of stationary goals - 9

description of stationary goals - 5ft pole with 2ft dia hoop fixed atop. Proximity sensors on hoop detect presence of frisbee passing through. Hoop serves as scoring “receptacle” Frisbee must be “tossed” through hoop…robot cannot be touching.

of mobile goals -1

description of mobile goals - 10 ft. high and 300 pounds weight
robot placement area (bar, zone, etc.) - rotating obelisk in the center of the field with a 3-foot bar sticking out of each of the 4 sides. each bar is 10 feet above the floor
robot placement point value – 25 points, cannot be touching floor or tower section of obelisk
round duration - 4:00
autonomous mode placement - random time in middle of match
autonomous mode duration - until the end of the match
human player job - 1 HP per team, 3 HP’s per alliance, 2 at ground level and 1 on 6 foot raised platform at end of field, ground level HP’s recieve frisbees and golf balls from robot, platform HP throws them into goals.
special twist to game - Human player’s platform spins around are match goes on at random changing speeds
and finally, the game name - Gyrating Jamboree

now for opinions, what do you think of Gyrating Jamboree? :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds like an…interesting…game to play. To bad FIRST would never do this :smiley:

ahahaha… sounds like really fun game… we all could go crazy with this game… and i bet that a lot of teams would come up with unique ideas! :wink:

They should host an offseason regional event for it. ^^ I’d come. We could even do…MINIATURE ROBOT GYRATING JAMBOREE!

a miniature version might be hard to work with the human players, but perhaps an altered version of the game could be done in miniature.

Well…if the human players had to chuck little things, like ping pong balls, it’d be so cute!!! ^^

I’m not sure if it’d be ‘awsome’ or ‘agonizing’

maybe we could make this with lego robots. it would be possible to hold a competition with this game on a small scale with legos. maybe if enough people wanted to do it… and we could find a place that would actually be willing to hold the event :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe tiny frisbees that the human players flick from off of little stands on the side of the field…

any other ideas for a possible version of this game?