Gyro ADXRS150 rate out


I am having so much trouble with this Gyro.

I connected the gyro to the pic board(18F8722) and have the pic board sent the input from the gyro with unsigned int. and I am getting like 177~179ish in the hyper terminal from the serial port of the pic board.

Is this behavior normal? Also does anyone know how to use TEMP out of the gyro?

Thank you so much

Are you shifting down two bits? The serial out is probably set up to send unsigned char (8-bit) whereas the analog port reads in an unsigned int, as you said, with 10 bits of resolution. Try sending (gyro >> 2).

If that’s not the problem…Does it still vary correctly when rotated? Maybe it’s just got a fairly large offset and 177 is the “center.”

adcVal = read_adc(ADC_START_AND_READ);

printf("%u%c%c",adcVal,0x0D,0x0A);//printout in hyper terminal

I did it like this and I will try to have more bits and test it.

What should the normal value be? and what does the value mean? (does 177 refers to volts in some other unit?)
Thank you.