Gyro Code Problems

I have done all the proper modifications to Kevins camera code. I added the adc code and the gyro code from Kevins site to his camera code. After I download the code the robot controller and the terminal window pops up it doesn’t show that the gyro’s bias is being detected. What’s the problem? I’m very knew to programming.

What is the state of the LEDs on the robot controller and the operator interface? (Your OI is powered, I hope. :slight_smile: )

Did you actually add the correct stuff to user_routines.c? I seem to remember having to do stuff that wasn’t actually in the instructions…

I did exactly what was in Kevin’s instructions.

Sorry for being very new to programming

Yes it is powered.

Try downloading just the gyro code form Kevin and see if it works.
Look at the user_routines.c in the PURE gyro code.

i did that and i didn’t get reasonable values
because i move the sensor 90 degrees and back where he was and i don’t get the same values which i get i n the start

I havent tried yet but I think the sensor gives you the change not the actual value.

Remember that the gyro has a maximum turn rate that it can report. Turning faster than that (which is easy to do when holding the gyro in your hand) will cause signal overflows which translate into lower rotations report than actually occurred.

Try doing your test and turning the gyro VVVVEEEEERRRRRYYYYY SSSSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLLYYYYY and see what happens.

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