gyro help

Kevin Watson,

We used the new code, did the recomended checks at the end of the read me file. The program compiled with no errors, but when it downloaded to the RC, the program state led blinked red and the operator interface showed solid code error.

We are using the BEI gryo chip AQRS-00075-109.

No print statements are working in the user.c code.

Make sure that you’re not calling printf() before initializing the serial port(s).

Edit: And just to make sure that I haven’t done something knuckleheaded, I’ll load up the code on my robot controller tonight and see if I can induce a red-light-of-death.



I loaded the gyro code into my full-size robot controller and it worked as advertised. Just out of curiosity, which version of the master processor firmware is running on your robot controller?


We are running version 10 of the firmware and had the OI and RC tethered when it was loaded. When I get to school today I will check our print statements and make sure they are still in the right place.

The print statements were still in right place, they were checked twice, and also the code was redownloaded from your website and we still get the same errors.

Hmm…, Don’t know what to tell you, but it works fine for me and I haven’t had complaints from anyone else. Did you load the .hex file included in the .zip or did you re-compile it and load it?


We had tried it every different way we could think of. Then finally we tried uninstalling MPLAB and IFI Loader and reinstalling them - after that both codes worked fine. I don’t have a clue why this was the problem because it worked with the default code. Thanks for your help.