gyro not found

We have the gyro from 2017 KOP (am 3555), it is plugged into the SPI port on the roboRIO as instructed by andymark. When we try to get the angle from the gyro and put it on the Smartdashboard, we get an error in the driver station that says “error 1: ADXRS450 Gyro not found” and the only value that we are getting on the dashboard is 0.0. We tried the gyro on an old robot last night and it worked fine, but it’s not working on our new robot. The programming for the gyro is here:

pleae help us find the issue if you can! thanks

Take a look at this thread:

In particular, are the gyro LEDs lit?

The LED on the sensor is lit, I have copied the exact code that I used for the robot on which it works, and I have cleaned out all of the ports on the RIO. Still does not work, still not found.

update: still not found even after switching roboRIOs

Is the snippet you posted the entirety of code running when you are testing this?