Gyro Output Data

The output data from our gyro is in voltage (0-5v), which corresponds to an angular velocity (deg/s). The data is in an analog(ue) format, and thus is unusable in raw form to any custom microcontroller, such as the BS2p we are using. So, we are passing the data to an 8-bit ADC, and then using multiplication (deg./s * sec) to get an angular displacement. Is there any way this can be done before the data hits the ADC, as in a analog(ue) circuit capable of multiplying the gyro output by time, or taking the integral of angular velocity?

I read something about an op-amp capable of integrating, and heard about RC integrator circuits, but I an unable to find anything of use. If u know anything which can help me here, please respond…


Go to DigiKey’s home page, type multipliers, click on search, and select analog multipliers. The prices will refresh you.


Multiplying is the process of repeated addition. Why not add up everthing greater than 127 (or 128) and subtract everthing below that figure. keep track oh the total, it will be in (turn-rate)*seconds, but the time will be in 26 ms units.

If you actually need to know the heading in degrees, let the Stamp multiply (or divide) this total for you.

Think of it as digital integration. Or is that integer-ation :smiley: .