Gyro Recommendation or Arduino

We are wanting to implement the gyro for control, but for what we are wanting to do with it, the included gyro is too slow (250 degrees/second max). Is there another gyro that anyone could recommend, or should we go with an arduino controlled gyro. I’ve seen them for ~$12, and they will handle up to 2000 degrees/second. But then we would have the added complication of sending that data back to the cRio as a sensor input. I haven’t seen any guides for arduino input control.


What are trying to control with a gyro that 250 degrees per second is too slow?

Depending on what you’re trying to do, you could mount the gyro’s axis at an angle of 82.8 arcdegrees from being aligned with the rotation axis. The gyro would then be desensitized by cos(82.8) = 1/8 (ie 2000 deg/sec about your primary axis would be sensed as 250 deg/sec about the gyro’s axis).


This is excellent information and I’m honestly going to enjoy trying to understand it. The greatest part of this program is the advanced material that I get to try and figure out.