Gyro Sensor

Hello. I was wondering if the gyro included in the KOP, when mounted on a turret (unfortunately off-center mounted), can return information relating to how far from dead center it currently is. I wanted to know if we could use it to get a precise measurement as to how far from neutral our turret has turned.

Thank You.

That is not a good use for the Gyro (and off-center is a problem). Better off using a potentiometer with a large gear or something, perhaps connected to the motor moving the turret.

OK. Thanks anyway. That’s actually what we’re using, but I just wanted to know if there was a way to use a gyro. And one quick question. What does the gyro actually tell you? Number-wise. And if you could give a quick situational example, that would be great.

The “gyro” is actually a yaw rate sensor. Its output is a voltage that tells how rapidly it is being spun, in degrees per second. There is a characteristic voltage that represents zero spin, and a certain number of millivolts above (or below) that voltage for each degree per second it is turning.

Ok. Thank you. I understand it now.