Gyro slipping badly

We are trying to use the ADXRS450 gyro (KOP) and it is slipping badly, like 500 degrees per second. When we callibrate it it is fine, but as soon as we start moving it slips badly. How do we fix this?

Tighten it or use a drop of Loctite or super glue.

I don’t mean that the physical gyro is moving around; I mean that the angle it measures is drifting even when the robot is stationary.

It could mean that the gyro is faulty. They have mechanical components (some sort of magical spinning disc), so if it experienced a lot of force it could have broken.

Do you have any spares to try with? I know that they were given out in the Kit of Parts from ~2011-2014.

Possible things could be that the gyro is mis-wired, something is wrong in your code (if you post here people can probably help out) or the gyro is mounted vertically (not to insult your intelligence, I mention this because we designed out bot with a vertical Rio this year and then realized we had to print a mount for the gyro).

Just to be clear. If the robot doesn’t turn after you calibrate it, the heading remains zero? This might also be a silly question, are you sure you’re getting the right axis values?

It’s called Gyro Drift, not slipping.

How is it connected? They are extremely sensitive to emi. Make sure no wires intersect with the gyro wires.

This is one of the main reasons we chose to go with the MXP mounted gyros.

Just buy a NavX.

They’re not expensive (on the scale of a robot, $100 is not a huge investment even for a low-budget team) and they remove basically all of the overhead in getting the thing running. It really is as simple as “plug it in, add a couple lines of boilerplate code, and off you go.”

Setting up your own gyro might be a good pedagogical project, but that’s the sort of thing that you can do in the offseason.


Lots of options here…