gyro voltage drops to 0

We test the voltage on the pins of slot one on the analogue bumper and find a value consistanly around 6 volts. When we plug in the gyro the voltage drops to 0. Is this normal?
We had our gyro working beutifully last year but this year we can’t get any values above +or- 1 degree. Something has changed and we haven’t found what it could be yet. Any helpfull ideas?:yikes:

That is not normal. Sounds like a short circuit. Check wiring and gyro board. Measure between power & ground at gyro connector with an ohmmeter, a reading of only a few ohms is bad.

I agree with Don, a value of 6VDC on any of the pins is a bit high… too high… Are you sure the Analog Breakout is configured correctly? or even working at all? It may be time to wire up a potentiometer and try some quick tests, but I wouldn’t hook anything else up to that breakout until we know more.