Whats the recommended gyro for FRC 2023 the gyro we are currently using is a little outdated (WPI Pigeon IMU)

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My team has been happy with our NavX. What do you need from your gyro?


NavX and Pigeon 2.0 are the 2 most popular I believe. We use the Pigeon 2.0 on 4272.

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thanks for the suggestions this year we are using a gyro for a auto parking system for autom

The pigeon you have is probably fine for that application.

I would definitely suggest the NavX or Pigeon in that case. That way with one gyro you can turn on the field and measure your angle on the charging station.

the current pigeons we are using have had some issues when the robot is powered on not all the time but we have had some cases of them not stabilizing they are supposed to stabilize within 4 seconds of being powered on but we have had some cases were it took over 4 minutes

we will probably try to upgrade from a pigeon imu to a NavX or a pigeon 2.0

Pigeon 2.0 for sure. NavX is also a pretty good option.

NavX will drift more than Pigeon 2.0. Both will be fine for autobalance though. For swerve, I’d opt for the nicer Pigeon 2.0

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Fancy isn’t necessary for swerve. We’re using the First Choice ADXRS450 single axis gyro for swerve. Our auto balance uses an old analog single axis gyro.

We use the ADIS16470 which can read multiple axes. It’s worked well for us.

What language are you using for programming? Is it labview? If so what did you do to fix the broken vis in the wpilib install

Java, sorry :cry:

Dang no worries the team has a year to figure it out

It’s a problem with the wpilib install?

I believe it’s the pre canned code for labview