our gyro broke and we can’t find out where to get a new one? what do we do?

You can buy a similar/better one for $69.95 plus shipping below. Just be aware that the pin out order is different on these compared to the one provide in the KOP and they fry if you hit them with reverse polarity.

150 degrees/sec

300 degrees/sec

thanks, also, three question,

  1. these are first legal right?
  2. is the pwm input the same? as in I’d put the same pins in the same order that I’d put in the KOP one?
  3. this is compatible with this years controller right?
  1. Yes, they are legal. They are a COTS item.

  2. PWM input on the RC side is the same. The PWM connection on the GRYO board is different. On the RC end(female) they are (in order) GND, +5V, SIG. On the GYRO board side(male) they are +5V, GND, SIG. Note that the GND and +5V pins are swapped on they GYRO board.

  3. Yes ,it is compatible with this years controller, and several years prior as well.

  1. Yes
  2. The connections are marked on the gyro.
    Hook up the gnd to black, rate to white
    and 5v to red on an analog input.
  3. Yes