What unit of measurement does the gyro measure rotational velocity in? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

The Gyro measures the angular velocity. Its range is +/-64deg/sec. That translates into 0.25 to 4.75VDC, which in turn gets translated into a BYTE. Therefore when the Gyro is still you get an output of 127. If it is going at 64deg/sec, it is 254, etc… As far as I’m aware of it the relationship between the rate of turn and the output is linear.

Some side notes:
64deg/sec is a pretty slow turning rate, because at maximum you can measure 1 revolution in 6 seconds. Also, many teams have suggested “filtering” the bumps in the output. You can do that mechanically (Put the gyro on a pad), electrically and electronically i.e. programming.

Good luck!