gyroscope problems

I am having problems figuring out how the gyroscope connects to the rest of the system. If anyone has any links to manuals and documents about this, or has information that they can type out, please post.

In Labview , go to examples, you should see the gyro example, open it and then open the gyro example vi. the front panel has a wiring diagram for the gyro.

Have you tried the 2010 FIRST sensor manual? You can find it onthis page, just scroll down to section 8 and you should see it.

Hope that helps!

I looked in the sensor manual and it only had technical information. BTW, I don’t have LabView installed.

What language are you planning to program in?

Most likely LabView, but it’s not installed on my personal computer.

You should install it on every computer you could use to program. It takes a few hours, so installing it will take a long time.

The sensor should have a +5, GND, and signal/output pins. Take a PWM cable (3 pins), and cut off the end with the female connector that is long enough to connect from the gyro mounting point to the cRio analog board plus a little extra. Strip the three wires, connect the black to GND, red to +5, and white to SIG.

We generally put our gyros in a small project box and attach them to the robot with velcro.

As for software, the only thing you need to know is the volts per degree per second of the gyro, which can be calculated. I would guess that the sensor manual might tell you that, but I didn’t read the sensor manual so I don’t know for sure. If the gyro goes backwards, then make the gain negative.