Gyroscopic USB input

I was wondering how to do some sort of gyroscopic USB Input, looks like the Cypress boards may have that functionality, but not sure, and how do I get the rotational values?

I was also looking into doing it with wii controllers, but I was having trouble importing stuff, as it didn’t recognize the package that contained the .jar file, and it looks like wii controllers may not be allowed with the type of input (bluetooth?) that the api I was using was expecting, not 100% sure either way though.

So, what can do it, and how do I get it in the programming.

Can you please state what you are trying to accomplish? Maybe with a little more information one of us can help steer you in the right direction.

Are you looking to use a gyro on the robot side or as an input device on the driverstation side as a remote control for the robot?


Driver station side. It turns out we have a cypress control board that I didn’t know we have, along with a gyroscope, so I we will probably end up using that.