H-Drive Base

Hello chiefdelphi,
Our team wanted to try H-drive for this year season and this is our first time with this type of base, we wanted to know if there is a need of a drop center in the middle wheel and if anyone had ever heard about an H-Drive Base with 8 wheels like this :


You don’t need/want a drop center in an H-drive.

I’ve only ever seen one in the wild and it had 7 wheels. I’m not sure if there will be any negligible difference with the addition of an extra center wheel.

Do not mount the center wheel in a fixed fashion - mount it so that you have a defined force against the carpet - this can be done with springs or pneumatics, among others. 3946 built an H drive for 2015, and we never could get the strafe working consistently until post-season when we mounted the gearbox on a hinge and pushed it into the carpet with a cylinder.

There is also no reason to have three wheels on either side - two will be fine. With omnis, “skid” is easy so you don’t need a drop center.

What advantage do you see in having two strafe wheels?



Cool stuff. Might help. Especially the footnote 1 portion.


Thanks for your replies everyone, and for the two middle wheels, we tried our base and one wheel is enough we just wanted to try, it doesn’t change the mecanism.

stick with 1 center wheel, if you rotate the robot with the outside wheels the torque will be differential on the center wheel axle with the wide stance (difference on center H shaft).

(srry for the short post, busy, I can elaborate later if needed)

But, be sure to ignore the final paragraph of footnote 1.


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