H.E.R.O. Booth needs your help.

Posted by nick237 at 2/20/2001 10:45 PM EST

Engineer on team #237, sie h2o bots, from Watertown high school ct and sieman co.

             Over the last few weeks the Sie H20 Bots ( Team 237 ) have been
             swamped with requests for help from teams in need of spare parts
             that have broken or been lost. We would like to thank all the great
             Emails from the teams that we have helped.
             Our stock of spare parts have been freely given to any team that has
             requested them and we know the needs will now increase as the
             Robots have been shipped. Competitions can be demanding for the
             need for a ready supply of parts at a moments notice. we can not
             depend on S.P. to 
             "'A" Have the part and 
             "B" Get the part to you in time. 
             SO WE NEED YOUR HELP.........................
             We need all the extra parts that you know you wont be needing, your
             JUNK is anothers Treasure.
             A Team has asked us for the black Plastic window motor strapping (
             BELT ) but we are out of it. Would you please "ALL" look to see if you
             have any extra that you can spare.
             Our Team will be setting up the Booth in Hartford and we will have
             with us all the spare parts and extra material on hand. If your team is
             going to Hartford would you contact me at [email][email protected][/email] if
             you can donate to this great service.
             We will also be going to the Nationals and again we will have the
             booth open to all, so to the teams going there find a corner in your
             shipping crate and stuff some not needed parts in it, we will collect
             them from you down there.
             So again thanks to all and if you can help with the window motor belt
             please Email me.
             Good luck to all.......... Team 237 Sie H20 Bots.