H.E.R.O. Still alive and kicking.

Posted by nick237 at 1/31/2001 10:23 PM EST

Engineer on team #237, sie h2o bots, from Watertown high school ct and sieman co.

Last year team 237 started the HERO Booth, we began with just a few extra parts from the year prior and added the parts from our 2nd year. To that we asked teams to bring to the UTC regionals any extra parts that they had extra and donate them to the booth.
Any team could have any spare part they needed instantly. To add to the parts we offered the use of hand tools to teams that were in need. Unfortunatly while our team was on stage getting an award some low life stole all the tools from the booth.
We lost a $1000.00 worth af tools but we learnt a valuable lesson in that visitors are not all there for the robot competition.
We took all the extra parts and a few extra tools that we managed to scrounge up and shipped them all to florida for the nationals.
We feel we made an impact to teams in need and intend to do it again this year. We have evolved though, this year we have a ton of spare parts and a mobile work shop with tools for use by ANY team in need. We have a miller and a lathe and are trying to get a Tig welder, so if any one can lend or lease us a 110v Tig welder let us know. We have our own power in the “BOT MOBILE”, and 2 qualified welders on the team. We even have a volunteer to drive the “BOT MOBILE” to Florida, 1153 miles.
Since the nationals last year we have sent out dozens of care packages to teams in need of parts.
If any team at any of the other regionals are interested in joining the H.E.R.O. club we would be happy to pass over the information to run one. Email me and tell what regional your in and your team #.
We ask any and all teams to bring all their extra parts they dont need for the UTC regionals and donate them, if we have what you need its yours…
nick237 SIE H2O BOTS. h.e.r.o`s all the way.