Hab Climb Surface Problem

Hi, my team’s robot can climb to level 3, but its climbing mechanism can’t ascend, if it does the whole robot falls to level 1, so we have to let the mechanism touching the hab wall, bellow the bumpers. My question is: will my team get the 12 climbing points?

Q50 says you’ll get credit as long as you’re not supported by the wall. Support vs contact is left up to the head ref, and may not be ruled your way if it’s not clear. I suggest, as does the GDC, trying to get rid of that contact.

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Through my understanding of interpreting the rules and Q & A, I unfortunately do not think your robot will be counted as having climbed level 3 if you’re touching the walls.

I’m with @Freddy123136 here. If it’s leaning against the vertical face, that face is partially supporting it. You do NOT have to get your arm above the horizontal surface, but you really do need to find a way to get it clear of the vertical face.

If you roll backwards an inch or so, will you stay on the platform? If so, you may be able to install a retractable standoff/guide or perhaps a sensor which will help you find the spot where you are supported by the horizontal face and not touching or supported by the vertical.


looking at the picture your front wheels clearly are not in contact with the horizontal surface of level 3. That would mean to me that you are clearly being supported by the vertical wall of the level 3 platform and therefore would not receive level 3 climb points.

The wheels do look fine but the concerning aspect is near the head of the piston which appears to be in contact with the wall.

From what I have seen and read…

Unambigous = climb L3
Ambiguous may not = climb to L3

Remember those scoring do not have close up shots of what is touching vs supporting hence the key is to be unambigous as the best practice. See feelers with red flags breaking plane of the switch last year.

Based on that part of your statement, I would say your mechanism is supporting the robot, thus you would not get credit for the climb.

I think that you also need to worry about damaging the field, it looks like you’re contacting the field with metal in a potentially damaging way.


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