HAB Material

Does anyone have a link to the material used on the HAB platform? My team is looking into purchasing some to test traction on the HAB.

search for recent posts about HDPE

There was a discussion a few days ago about AndyMark selling the “orange peel HDPE” specified in the manual. It looks like they are planning on selling it, but don’t yet have it in stock.

There are also some other places to get similarly-textured HDPE people posted in that thread, including McMaster and more local sources

Search for local plastics suppliers in your area and then either look at their stock online or give them a call and ask what HDPE they carry with “orange peel” texture. Marine StarBoard is one of the brands that has the correct texture(but there are a few textures).

It’s kind of expensive, but if you’re just interested in slipping, most plastic cutting boards are HDPE with a near (if not actual) orange peel texture. You could get a couple of large ones and screw them down (keeping in mind their thickness and your need to adjust the hab level height).