Hab platform question

we are building Hab platform. in game manual, ramp is shown at 11 inches. in field drawing, it shows 9.5 inches.
Are we reading something wrong?

The field drawings and the game manual often disagree. The field drawings are regarded as the official measurements.

great. that is what we have already cut and putting it together. will see how it comes together. thanks.

I’m reasonably certain that it’s the other way around. If any documentation disagrees with the manual, the manual is right.


we used field drawings and everything seems to fit together.

the correct dimension is not the distance of the ramp, but the angle I’m pretty sure. it should be a 15 degree angle.

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It has to do with using thin or thick material and tapering it or not.
See explanation below (from my field building workbook):

Ramp explanation.pdf (95.4 KB)

that picture helps explain what we were seeing. thanks so much for sending that.

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