HAB ramp size incorrect?

Here it says the entire width of the bottom ramp platform is 10 ft. 8 in., but when you add 2 middle 2 platforms and one top platform you get 10 ft. 8 in., which would not be a problem if the ramp weren’t shown as being longer than the other platforms.

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Figure 4-20 as-dimensioned does not agree with the official field drawings. I’m guessing this will be clarified in a rules update.

It just looks like the 10’8" in the first picture should be measured without the tiny ramp on the sides.

I believe the 3’ dimension is also incorrect in that figure. Trust the official drawings.

I haven’t checked, but are these straight up reused from last year? If they are, the 2018 field should have the right dimension.

No last years ramps were not reused. The design of the 2018 HDPE framed ramps and the 2019 steel box ramps are different.

It looks like the dimensions are supposed to be just the flat platform, but the Manual included the ramps. The other direction (36") is the same