Hab scoring

Does everything have to be above the hab level to score, or can parts be hanging but not supporting?

As long as your bumpers are above the level you are going for and nothing is supported by the lower levels, you’re good to go :+1:

The answer is in section 5.3. There are also many questions on FRC’s Q&A site covering exactly this.
But you really should have looked this up a few weeks ago; post bag is not a good time to find out a main subsystem won’t do it’s job.

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Eh. My team’s planning to build a climber between now and our first regional and test it on our practice bot; if it doesn’t work out, we’ll still have a strong robot. Still being in the process of figuring it out isn’t that bad, especially if Edge’s team (like mine) made the choice to prioritize other ways of scoring.

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